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Stark Industries invades Disneyland

IRON MAN 3“Iron Man 3” is in 3D but that visual gimmick doesn’t draw you into the world of the comic books like a new display at Disneyland. The Innoventions attraction in Disneyland Park features a Hall of Armor from Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion. The suits on display are authentic movie armors including the Mark I-VII featured in “Iron Man 3.”

Here’s the kicker. Through some camera trickery, you’ll be able to virtually “suit up” and operate the latest pieces of Mark 42 armor – and even test it out.

Included in the Hall of Armor display are:

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Donald’s mailbag

I can’t begin to match the love for Disneyland that my esteemed former colleague Heather McLane captured so eloquently on the Beehive. But on a recent trip to Anaheim, I realized how special the place is to me in terms of childhood memories. I wrote my Jan. 13 Sunday Spotlight column about the visit, in particular a very special moment I witnessed in a tucked-away corner of the park in the the Tomorrowland Innoventions attraction. I received lots of warm notes from readers in my in-box and on Facebook. So in a moment of Saturday afternoon feel-good, I thought I’d share a few with you.

Anita Morris writes:

Thank you for your article. I just took my kids again to Disneyland, and Innoventions is a must see/do for us too. I miss the circular stage and refuse to have the computer tell my kids what my BMI is no matter how much they beg. :).

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ElecTRONica gives park new energy

TRON.bmp There’s always seemed to be a glaring hole in the planning of the Disney California Adventure Park. Actually, there are a lot of holes but one is the biggest. Except for a couple of rides, the Southern California amusement park’s never seemed to have much to attract those over 10 and under 30.

At least for a few months, that void’s been filled on the weekends. The area of the park to the left after you enter the gate has been turned into a disco-pop, electrified retro world called ElecTRONica. It’s being billed as “the greatest nighttime dance party to ever rock Disney California Adventure park.”

I can’t remember another nighttime dance party at the park, but maybe there’ve been others.

Senior show director Denny Newell, the man behind the conversion, told me the area came out of several ideas. It was a way to create a space aimed directly at young adults while bringing attention to the upcoming Disney film “TRON: Legacy.”

The result is a rather dazzling mix of music, visuals and performing artists. When the area is jumping on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, the Muppet 3D Theater is used to show a nine-minute clip of the movie.

But, the real fun is Flynn’s Arcade that’s filled with arcade games like “TRON,” “Centipede” and “Dig Dug.”

Newell says ElecTRONica will only be in place until the first of 2011. That’s a shame because the lights and sounds of the area give the generally dull California Adventure some life. It’s also a reason to suggest young adults visit the park.

Scoopy Goes to Disneyland


Our trusty mascot Scoopy took some time off last week and flew down to Disneyland.

Cool fact: Scoopy was actually created by Disney. So going to Disneyland was more than a vacation. It was a homecoming.

As you can see from Scoopy’s D-Land scrapbook below, it was a thrill to be back “home,” to hunt down Walt and try to get some face time with Mickey.

Though, Scoopy was a little eager for acceptance from the Disney family.

Of course, Scoopy hit some rides and gift shops along the way. Check out all photos below.

Don’t forget that you can follow Scoopy (@scoopy559) on Twitter.

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Fres-Know: Reminding you to renew your domain subscriptions


R.I.P? — once the “living blueprint of downtown” — appears to have gone the way of Gottschalks. Does this mean downtown is dead? [the site formerly known as Fresno Fusion]

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MID-SIZED MOJO: Famous goes to the Crest Theatre for some metal and leaves optimistic. Can the Crest be the mid-sized venue we need? [Fresno Famous]

BETTER WITH BACON: Visalia sh*t-talker Oliver Wrist gives us a cooking demo — bacon/cheddar waffle with eggs over easy. This proves, once again, that every blog is better with bacon. [Nickel Plated Bama]

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