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11 more reasons Fresno is the dirtiest city in America

By now, you’ve heard that Forbes ranked Fresno as the dirtiest city in the country, a designation based on air quality and water cleanliness. Ya know, science and stuff. Most Fresnans reacting to this news, however, have been using the ranking as a reason to spout off about how dirty the city is in more visible ways, like litter on the freeway. (And they’ve proven they didn’t actually read the story, way to go, guys!)

Since you Fresnans want the other kinda dirty, and Forbes ain’t measuring that, we at The Beehive have culled together 11 other things that make Fresno dirty. Fair warning: Some of what you’ll find below is a tad NSFW and thus, not fit for clean minds. Oh, the filth. Let’s roll around in it.

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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

Other than wandering Vintage Days again, watching some bike polo, celebrating Record Store Day or hitting up the Dirty Dowdy anniversary party.

Ozomatli is at Tower Theatre tonight, leading the a long list of top notch concerts in Fresno tonight. (More on that below). The boys from Ozo play funky Latin music with hip-hop undertones. They’re joined by local faves 40 Watt Hype. The combination should yield a great night of party music. [Tickets]


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Gettin’ raunchy with the Dirty Dowdy crew


A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending a bunch of hours in some random office building with the gents of the Dirty Dowdy Podcast. The podcast, for the unfamiliar, is a raunchy romp of beer-fueled humor that ranges from the absurd to the utterly explicit.

If you think the Dorktown podcast is profane, just know that it sounds like a Sunday sermon compared to what happens regularly on the Dirty Dowdy show. They’re a lot like a radio morning show — just unabashed and uncensored.

The show I sat in on was their year-ender, so we discussed our favorites music, TV shows and movies of the year. We also talked a lot about R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” saga, as they currently fascinated with it.

We also talked about my road to The Bee and my awesome hate mail. Meanwhile, I tried to not utter a single profanity. You’ll have to listen to see if I was successful. Though I will tell you that that’s quite an undertaking, because the show is more than two hours long.

And now, I offer you one final warning: The show is SUPER NSFW, so keep that in mind before you listen.