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Five things you should do this weekend

See some holly-jolly holiday lights and then …

1001993_606250852756316_499193801_n1. Fugly Sweater Bike Party Ride
Group bicycle rides are fun and good for the overall transportation culture. The more drivers can see bicyclists riding safely (ie. in bike lanes, with traffic and WITH LIGHTS at night), the less inclined they will be to see us as one more burden in their daily commutes. So, Fresno’s Bike Party‘s December ride get a thumbs up from me without mentioning the ugly Christmas sweaters or Christmas Tree Lane tour. Note: The best was to see the lane is on a bicycle.

12-21_square2. Buy a Tioga-Sequoia growler
A growler of craft beer isn’t a gift for just anyone. For the right person however, Tioga-Sequoia‘s new stainless steel growler will make you a holiday hero. Especially if it’s filled with the brewer’s Rush Hour Breakfast Stout or Tropical IPA. Other new Tioga merch will be available too, including official T-shirts and 5 oz taster goblets.

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Fres-Know: A natural thrill of linky proportions

WATCH THIS: Nice video/doc about local band Natural Thrills. [Dead in 60 Years]

NEWS: The future of Granite Park = wakeboarding and wall soccer? [The Bee]

REACTION: Fresno gun dealers see high demand for semi-automatic weapons. [The Bee]

DID THEY JUST SAY FRESNO? Yes, Adam Carolla on his podcast. [Ace on the House]

NECK TATTOO OF THE DAY: This dude, shot and killed by Fresno PD. [The Bee]

BOOKMARK THIS NOW: Madera Mugshots. Yessssssssss! [Madera Mugshots]

WHEN WILL IT END? Still even more Fresno Gangnam Style. [YouTube]

WATCH THIS: Parker prepares for end of days. [YouTube]

FROM THE BLOGROLL: Farewell to Fresno Foodie. [TasteFresno]

READ THIS: The Cured Ham’s week-long look back at Fresno food. [The Cured Ham]

IT’S OFFICIAL: Popular conservative talkers going to 96.7 FM / 1400 AM. [The Bee]

ALSO: ESPN 940 soon to be new home of Fresno State football, men’s hoops. [The Bee]

WOOT! Taco Truck Throwdown 2 gets Best Game Promotion honor. []

KNOW THIS: The Giants’ World Series trophy is coming to the Valley. [The Bee]

(DON’T) LISTEN TO THIS: Mega-cast featuring local podcasters, me included. [Dorktown]

ANGRY YELP REVIEW OF THE WEEK: “The worst restaurant in the world.” [Yelp]

WTF FRESNO: Punch, kick, splish, splash. [YouTube]

LAST MINUTE: Unordinary gifts from local shops. [The Bee]

FresTube: See what you missed at Fierce Creatures’ Catacomb Party

The fine gents at Dead in 60 Years have put together a nice taste of last Saturday night’s Catacomb Party on the Fulton Mall. It was organized by promoter Religious Appeal and local band Fierce Creatures, who used the event as its album release party. The video is a bit long, but if I may, I’ll implore you to stick around for the second half of the video, which is an epic sing-along of Fierce Creatures’ best-known song “Satan is a Vampire.” It was the show closer — and a great one at that.

p.s. I promised some more thoughts on the Catacomb Party in a previous post, so look out for my column in Friday’s Fresno Bee that will give you just that.

Fres-Know: Where sea lions and naked dudes are tolerated


LOOK AT THAT: First sea lion at new Chaffee Zoo attraction. [The Bee]

SURVEY SAYS: Fresno 14th most tolerant city. Really?!? [The Atlantic Cities]

LOOK AT THIS: The new official visitor’s guide for Fresno/Clovis. [FCCVB]

WTF VISALIA: Naked man in street trying to talk to aliens. [KMPH]

CRAIGSLIST AD OF THE WEEK: Seeking experanced caergiver. [Craigslist]

ANGRY YELPER OF THE WEEK: Dude who hates Dog House Grill. [Yelp]

CLOSING: Clovis’ QN4U BBQ House, effective Sunday. [Biz Blog]

GOOD READ: Thoughts on the Fresno indie music scene. [Dead in 60 Years]

GOOD READ II: Profile on Fresno-based tech reporter. [Frebby Awards]

GOOD READ III: Crash victim leaves legacy of kindness. [The Bee]

GO TO THIS: Fresno Grizzlies farmgrown farmers market. [Grizzlies]

YUM: A look at the ice cream from Fresno State’s dairy. [The Bee]

WHAT’S GOING THERE? Yen Ching restaurant razed on Shaw. [Biz Blog]

IT CAME FROM MADERA: New web app for crowd-funding gifts. [WishBooklet]

ENTER: The $10,000 Rock at the Top battle of the bands. [Chukchansi]

VOTE: In Big Fresno Fair’s Local Performer Contest. [BFF]

7Qs #10: Gotta Love Fresno

At least week’s launch party for, I cornered some of the site’s content creators and asked them a very pressing question. To me at least.

Starring (in order): Anthony Taylor of Nothing To Do, Nicole Giordano-Ashjian of Street Scene, Roque Rodriguez and Bryan Harley of See Saw Seen, Cindy Wathen and David Kennedy of Blend, Roger and Bo of Who Eats Brunch, Alisa Manjarrez of A La Carte and a certain mayorly lady you might recognize.

PREVIOUSLY IN 7Qs: Rogue Festival | Keith’s BoxCar Cafe | Johnny Q | Parker | Fresno Brewing Co. | Fulton 55 | Dead in 60 Years | Travis Sheridan

Welcome to the Internet, Gotta Love Fresno


A new Fresno-centric web portal for videos launched this morning. It’s called Gotta Love Fresno ( and it’s backed by Comcast. Fresno is one of six cities in which Comcast launched similar sites as part of its Project Open Voice.

Much like YouTube, anybody can upload content to Gotta Love Fresno. Unlike YouTube, the folks behind Gotta Love Fresno invested in our local Internet community, commissioning new, original shows from some faces you’re probably familiar with. (Because it needs to be said: Kudos to Comcast to shelling out some money and getting behind some proven voices, instead of just recycling content.)

Gotta Love Fresno has three clip-style shows that’ll have new episodes weekly:

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7Qs #2 with Dead in 60 Years

If you’re familiar with the Dead in 60 Years blog/podcast/video crew, then you already know they’re a crazy bunch of Fresno explorers bent on doing outrageous things because, as the name suggest, they’ll be dead in 60 years.

One such outrageous local activity is their Robo Run — which challenges both their physical and intestinal endurance. The second annual event happens Monday. It’s a city-wide relay race built around Robertito’s locations. Each leg of the race ends at a Robertito’s location, where runners have to eat an entire burrito. I caught up with three of Di60 guys: Daniel, Brendan and Greg (l-r in the video) to ask them seven questions.

Warning: NSFW language and drunken behavior.

PREVIOUSLY: 7Qs #1 with Travis Sheridan

Fres-Know: Anybody seen our car?


WEIRD NEWS: Airborne car lands on Fresno rooftop at 1 a.m. [The Bee]

VIRAL FRESNO: Story, subsequently, has landed all over the web. [CBS News]

LISTEN TO THIS: Locals The Quiet Americans get love from Filter Mag. [Filter]

DID YOU KNOW? Local chocolatier creates for Target, Fresh & Easy. [The Bee]

VOTE: For Dusty Buns Bistro Bus in online food truck contest. [Eat St.]

YAY FRESNO: Chaffee Zoo’s 2011 attendance breaks 1989 record. [The Bee]

HAPPENING: A marathon built around Robertito’s locations? [Dead in 60 Years]

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: DSW, Carter’s opening in Fresno in July. [The Bee]

COOL PICS: No snow = ice-skating in Yosemite. [The Bee]

WATCH THIS: Side-by-side of DumbDrum’s “Dark Knight Rises” swede. [YouTube]

THIS TOO: An evening with the Fresno Swing Dance club. [Kyle Lowe]

[photo: CBS News via CBS 47]

The Swedies: Swede Fest 8 awards


Once again, The Beehive is honored to host the semi-regular Swedies, the only semi-legitimate awards covering the Swede Fest.

Swede Fest — the homegrown festival dedicated to low-budget movie remaking — held its eighth event on Saturday, a standing-room-only affair at Full Circle Brewing Co. Swede Fest 8 represented a new height for the festival in terms of attendance, entrants and all around hype. Swedes came from around the Valley, and around the world — France, Australia and New York.

Picking winners for Swede Fest 8 was also the toughest of all the festivals I’ve attended. But below you’ll find what impressed me. You can watch all the films for yourself at, then come argue with me. Oh, one note, for obvious reasons, I’m not considering “The Avengers: Sweded” for any awards. It’s already conquered the Internet. It can live without a Swedie.

To all the rest of the winners: Take a screenshot of this post and make it your desktop image at work, then tell all your co-workers you won a Swedie, then spend the next 10 minutes attempting to explain what the heck that is. Congrats!

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[Update] To-Do Tonight: Leon Russell cancels Fresno gig


UPDATE: Leon Russell has pulled the plug on his Fulton 55 show, saying the stage is too small for him. Read more in this news update.

ORIGINAL POST: A trip around Fresno for some local happenings this evening:

LEON RUSSELL: Music legend Leon Russell — who has played with members of both The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, that’s a pretty good test of “legendary”, don’tcha think? — is at Fulton 55 tonight. Russell is a recent Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee, and he should probably be in the beard hall of fame too. Tickets and info here.

BASIA: Genre-defying pop singer Basia headlines Tower Theatre tonight. Her style, according to her bio, “combin[es] the rhythms and styles of Latin music, the sound of classic American soul and R&B, and the polish of ’50s and ’60s jazz.” So yeah, all over the place. Show at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $45.50 & $55.50.

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Frebby Awards: videos & winners

The Fresno interwebs patted itself on the back last night at the second annual Frebby Awards, held at Fulton 55.

I’m proud to say that I was among the winners for my work here on The Beehive, so thanks to everybody who reads all my “information.” As a whole, the Fresno blogosphere was well represented among the winners. Here’s the list:

There’s a long list of honorable mentions you can see at The Daily Dues. Congrats to everyone.

Now that all that award stuff is out of the way, I need to say something about the videos. They were great — my favorite part of the Frebbys. The wonderful intro video (see above) was made by Windsong Productions and stars Frebby host Zara Arboleda of CBS 47. Each category had an intro video, created by folks like Dumb Drum and Dead in 60 Years — and those were quite entertaining. Some of them are below for your enjoyment.

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Fres-Know: If ya don’t know, now ya know

WATCH THIS: The Fuse Fest promo bonanza has begun. [The Fresnan]

GOOD READ: A promising move for downtown farmer’s market. [The Bee]

SURVEY SAYS: Fresno 9th “miserable” city. Vegas No. 1. Eh? [Business Insider]

NEWS: Warner Co. Jewelers files Chap. 11. [The Bee]

WACKY NEWS: Fresno lady drives stolen car to police meeting. [The Bee]

GOOD READ: Valley-bred trio walks high speed rail route. [The Bee]

EATS: Get introduced to Waa’s Kitchen. [Fresno Bites]

VOTE: For the Valley’s most darling dog. [Central Valley Moms]

BLOGGINGS: The Dead in 60 Years crew does comedy night. [Dead in 60]

SHOWDOWN: Fashionably Bombed vs. Kasey from “Bachelor Pad.” [FB]

YUM: “Armenian pizza?” How you can make it. [Fresno Flavor]

GOOD READ: Update on Fresno’s piece of “Strong Cities” plan. [City Beat]

Frebby Awards: The top 20 nominees


This year’s Frebby Awards are Thursday night at Fulton 55, and seven local web-centric companies, services or people are going to walk away with 20-pound statues anointing them as online “standard-setters.”

Who will win? You have to wait until Thursday night’s ceremony — tickets cost $15 and are available here if you want to watch with your own eyes.

For now you can peruse which entries, out of the 60-some-odd submitted, that Frebby judges decided were the best. These 20 scored the highest across all seven categories and are essentially the “finalists.”

Here they are, in no particular order:

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Your Fresno internet to-do list

To-Do Tonight: Comics + Bloggers


Tonight’s weekly Heroes of Comedy open mic night at Heroes Sports Lounge gets a dose of Internet flavor, as Dead in 60 Days, our blogosphere brethren, are joining Danny Minch and the Heroes gang.

They’ll be interviewing comics and making videos like they do — adding a much-needed web component to the local comic scene. (Wouldn’t it be cool if our scene had videos like The Laugh Factory does?)

In other Heroes of Comedy news: You might recall I wrote recently about Heroes attempting a six-nights-per-week comedy schedule. Host/organizer Minch said that went well and Heroes will be doing more of it soon.

For now these Tuesday open mics are the only weekly gigs, but others at scattered into the weekly schedule. Later this week, for instance, Heroes is hosting a roast of local comic/radio personality Rick Roddam, who is moving away soon.

ELSEWHERE: It’s another of Kiss Country’s $5 summer concerts at Woodward Park. This time, it features Summer Sweeney, Bradley Gaskin and Edens Edge. A word to the wise: With this concert series, you never know when you’re going to be seeing the next Taylor Swift or Lady Antebellum. Both, in fact, have played it before they blew up. Read this feature story from Sunday’s paper for more on the $5 concert series’ history for catching rising stars. Tonight’s show starts at 6:45 p.m. Tickets cost $5 — plus parking at the park.

Fres-Know: All our posts come with happy endings


GOOD READ: Best Central Cali outdoor summer destinations [The Bee]

LAW & ORDER: Kirk Vartanian pleads no contest in theft case. [The Bee]

BLOGGINGS: What Fresno needs — more chain restaurants? [What Fresno Wants]

NOMINATE: Submit your web faves for this year’s Frebbys. [Frebby Awards]

BURNING QUESTION: What should replace Borders at River Park? [Biz Blog]

VOTE: For your favorites in the fair’s local performer contest. [Big Fresno Fair]

WEAR THIS: Captain America-inspired, “I’m from Fresno, Ace” shirt. [Daily Dues]

BLOGGER ON BLOGGER: That Fresno Blog profiles The Daily Dues. [TFB]

LISTEN TO THIS: New Dead in 60 Years podcast w/ Alisa M. [Di60Y]

YUM: Taco testing at the Cherry Auction. Jealous! [Fresno Bites]

CHILLIN: Where are the 100-degree days this summer? [News Blog]

BLOGGINGS: Tattoos from Visalia’s outskirts. [This is Visalia]

FREE STUFF: Win advance tickets to see “The Change Up” [Dumb Drum]

NEWS: Fresno “massage” parlors a little too hands on. [ABC 30]

Fres-Know: We’ll race you to Chris Meat Market

WATCH THIS: Relay race + Robertito’s = RoboRun [Dead in 60 Years]

BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE: Glee/Clovis kid Chris Colfer turns 21 on Friday [YouTube]

YAY FRESNO: Fresno rapper Fashawn on hip-hop megafest Rock the Bells [RTB]

READ THIS: Guide to budget and family friendly summer fun [The Thinking Blonde]

LOOK AT THIS: Local radio station picks “Hottest Baby’s Mommas” in town [The Beat]

GOOD QUESTION: Can Fresno/Madera be the next booming wine area? [CBS 47]

REVIEW: Fresno Bites takes a bite out of Regina’s Native Cafe [Fresno Bites]

BLOGGINGS: Are the times changin’ in Fresno? [What Fresno Wants]

LISTEN: To free music from local indie supergroup Grand Canopy [The Fresnan]

BLOGGINGS: KickStarter can make your dreams come true. Sorta [Fresno Famous]

DRINK THIS: Unveiling the Strawberry Pie Daiquiri [Fashionably Bombed]

BLOGGINGS A critical look at service in Fresno restaurants [TasteFresno]

Fres-Know: We’re real where it counts


SURVEY SAYS: Fresno No. 2 most-interested city in fake boobs. [Real Self]

NEWS: Fresno State names its men’s basketball coach. Finally. [The Bee]

AND NOW, IN K-FED NEWS: He’s impregnated another one! [US Weekly]

NEWS: City of Fresno cuts 160 jobs amid budget woes. [The Bee]

VOTE: Help Visalia’s Valley Oak SPCA get $100K. [Vote to Save Lives]

GET INVOLVED: Creative Fresno is looking for new board members. [Creative Fresno]

ICYMI: George Hostetter’s epic post about Fresno’s emerging “uptown.” [City Beat]

BLOGGINGS: “You can’t revitalize by demolition” [Fresno Urban]

PROPS: Fresno City jazz soloist Octavio Rivera wins big award [FCC]

BLOGGINGS: Who misses seeing movies at the drive-in? [What Fresno Wants]

YUM: New local food blog visits California Wok and Ballpark Cafe [Fresno Bites]

GOT SKILLS? Twin Pomegranates Wine is looking for a spokesperson. [Twin Poms]

LISTEN: The latest podcast from Dead in 60 Years [Di60Y]

BLOGGINGS: Details on Fresno’s participation in National Architecture Week [ArcHop]

Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

While you keep an eye out for crappy TV commercials

Oddball hip-hop group Das Racist is at Audie’s Olympic tonight, combining that Internet-era humor we all love so much, a gluttony of pop culture references and actual dope beats and rhymes. These dudes are selling out much bigger venues in much bigger cities, so let’s hope Fresno shows up. More on Das Racist here. Opening is Populus, who showed off his shtick at Pecha Kucha the other night and won over the crowd.


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