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Metal shock-rock monster Oderus Urungus, aka Dave Brockie, dead at 50

Oderus Urungus, the uber foul-mouth cosmic leader of the Scumdogs of the Universe known as Gwar, has died. He was 3.8 million years old.

If that’s a glib sort of obituary for Dave Brockie, who portrayed Oderus Urungus on stage and was the founding member and front-man of the performance art thrash metal band, I don’t think he would have minded. Brockie was found dead Sunday evening in his apartment in Richmond, Va. He was 50.

This isn’t the first brush with death for the band. In 2011, Cory Smoot, who played guitar as Flattus Maximus, was found dead while on tour. Brockie’s death leaves the band without any of its original members.

Those offended by ultra violence, gratuitous, almost cartoonish blood, guts and gore, can stop reading now.

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