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Bumbling bandits caught on video

Our newsroom is buzzing about this video of an attempted robbery caught on a security camera at a jewelry store in southeast Fresno. The robbers are, shall we say, not very good (to put it nicely)? Perhaps it would have went smoother if one of them wasn’t talking on the phone the entire time. You can read the whole story here, but what you don’t see is the jewelry store owner emerging from a back room with a shotgun. The cops are looking for would-be robbers.

Fresno’s finest: The best of mug shot facial tattoos

tattooUp for a little way-to-go-Fresno entertainment? Well, here in the Bee newsroom we’re often entertained by the mug shots that accompany stories about crime, especially the ones with face tattoos. So the genius worker bees behind have put together a gallery of some the best mug shots featuring facial tattoos for your enjoyment. See it here. All photos were provided by various Valley law-enforcement agencies.

The photos really make you think. I mean, what is it like to go through life with the words “bitch please” tattooed on your forehead? And shouldn’t that have a comma? And by the way, that’s not a mustache on the second-to-last one, that’s a tattoo. (Sorry I can’t make it any bigger. We get what the cops give us.)

Sad news in the Tower District – update

Update 3:23 p.m.: The victim has been identified, The Bee reports:

The victim was identified by the Fresno County coroner as Eric Catlapp, 32.
Police say Catlapp was a member of The Hashtag, a 24-hour work center for local professionals in the 1200 block of North Wishon Avenue.

Original post 9:54 a.m.:

Photo by Jim Guy/The Fresno Bee

Photo by Jim Guy/The Fresno Bee

Sad news to report this morning: Police are investigating a fatal stabbing in the Tower District, which apparently happened on Wishon Row near the Hashtag. Here is a link to The Bee story, which doesn’t have many details at this point but should be updated today with more information.

I’ve seen a lot of longtime Beehive readers express concern, dismay and anger about the events in social media this morning. I too am saddened by this news. There’s no reason for such needless violence and my thoughts are with those affected by this crime. I really hope this doesn’t deter the business owners on this row who have really tried to make something nice for the people of Fresno, or keep people from visiting these businesses.

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People are worried about Tower District crime

Crime statistics are notoriously squishy. Without expert analysis, it can be hard to know when there’s a verifiable “crime wave” and when people are just stringing together anecdotes. But one thing is clear: There’s an impression in recent days in the Tower District that crime is on the rise. I received an email from a promoter cautioning folks planning to come to the Live Eclectic music event Friday at Starline Grill:

Just so you know, there has been a string of armed robberies happening in the area around The Starline Grill recently. If you come down, be on the lookout. (sounds real enticing to come down now, huh?) Still hope to see you, but be safe!!

And in what’s become the ultimate signifier these days for societal trends: a Facebook page has popped up titled “Please Help Stop Crime in the Tower District.” It has 166 members. From the page:

Two muggings on 6/22/2010. Please be careful out there!

An appropriate level of caution or unwarranted alarmism? There’s a back-and-forth discussion here.