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TONIGHT: The return of New York indie band Bear Hands


When Bear Hands came through town in April, it was at the start of a summer’s worth of big-named festival gigs, including spots at Coachella, the Great Escape Festival in Brighton, UK and Chicago’s Lollopalooza.

The New York indie-band hasn’t stopped since. They’re back in town 7:30 tonight at Strummer’s as part of a national headlining tour that runs straight through November. They play Conan on Monday.

I emailed guitarist Ted Feldman to find out about band’s home-coming show at Manhattan’s Bowery Ballroom earlier this month, what it’s store for the band next year and making friends with the Fresno PD.

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2012: The Beehive Year in Review

Yes, we’re halfway into the first month of 2013 — but I realized I forgot to do one of these Beehive Year in Review posts. I swear it’s the last looking-back-at-2012 post I’ll write. If I didn’t do this post, though, how would you know which contests you entered the most and which commenters are still in our “top 10?” See. You’re welcome.

So without further ado — unless you want me to drag this out another 14 days — here are the most read and most commented Beehive posts of 2012, along with our most prolific commenters.

Whether you’re on the list or not, thanks to everyone who participates in the site, either by reading and responding, sharing links with your friends or even grumbling to yourself about what we write. You’re all appreciated.

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Conan and Fresno: A relationship that just won’t quit

No, last week’s Conan to Fresno message wasn’t the end of The Great Bobblehead Fiasco of 2012â„¢ as I had hoped. In fact, Conan O’Brien was chatting about Fresno again last night in a “Fan Correction” segment where a college student combats Conan’s claim that Fresno slandered him.


Conan’s being a murderer and pervert aside, Honorary Fresnan of the Day college student Ben raises a good point: Fresno did not, in fact, slander Conan. We now demand reparations from Conan in the form of Andy Richter — the real thing, not a bobblehead — as Timmy T’s servant for a day.

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Fres-Know: Was Conan already here and we missed him?

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Timmy T gets upset about Conan bobblehead, renounces key to the city

Timmy T — the local crooner who found the No. 1 spot on Billboard with his 1991 hit “One More Try” — isn’t too happy about all the attention the city has given Conan O’Brien and his bobblehead gag. And he’s doing something in protest: giving up the key to the city he was given back in ’91.

I realize this sounds like it could be some fake new story from The Onion, but it’s not. Those of you who follow The Beehive know that Timmy T has become something of an Internet jester in recent years, so this all could be some attention-grab for him. Whatever his motivation, the Facebook posts are priceless:


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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

After you Conan-ize yourself.

Seems like a good weekend for a pool party, right? Good, because it’s time for another of the Blue Lagoon parties at Sierra Sport and Racquet Club. Modeled after a Las Vegas pool party, it has booze and DJs, and is only for the 21+. This time, local band Clouded Vision plays too. [More]


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Our 10 favorite tweets about this Conan/Fresno situation

So, that whole thing about Conan’s bobblehead really took off yesterday, huh? First there was the video, then the Facebook page, then the mayor’s letter to Conan. Needless to say, there was a lot of chatter about this. So we collected some of our favorite tweets — either funny, weird or amusing.

Warning: One has a swear word.

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Did They Just Say Fresno? Conan will save us from bankruptcy

UPDATE: Seems like the city is playing along with Conan. Mayor Ashley Swearengin responded to Conan in a letter, inviting the giant bobblehead to Fresno. Read the entire letter. You can also join the “Bring the Conan Bobblehead to Fresno” Facebook page.

ORIGINAL POST: You might have read the story on A-1 of Tuesday’s Fresno Bee that says Wall Street analysts are worried that Fresno might be the fourth California city heading for bankruptcy. Well, on last night’s episode his late-night talk show, comedian Conan O’Brien rushed to Fresno’s aid. He unveils his plan here:

I realize he’s just joking, but I think a huge Conan bobblehead would be great on the Fulton Mall. A tourist attraction and downtown revitalization all in one shot! Don’t let us down, Conan!

[thanks to Brodiemash for the head’s up]