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They’ve got a name for the BatFleck-SuperHenry movie


The teamup of Ben (Batman) Affleck and Henry (Superman) Cavill — the film that set off a fanquake at its ComicCon unveiling last summer — now has a title.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the mashup of DC Comic’s two titans will be called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Let’s drill down on that:

  • Note the use of “v” instead of the more common “vs.” The former is standard for legal cases, ie Brown v. Education.  So why use it here? We don’t expect this film to morph into a courtroom drama (A Few Good Capes?). Nah. I’m sure the producers thought the single letter is just … cooler.  Proper usage be damned.
  • Dawn of Justice, at first pass, refers to the the meet-and-greet of these two characters. But to all DC fans it has a second meaning — the film marks a big step toward a Justice League movie.  Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) has a role in Dawn of Justice,  so at some point we’ll have DC’s Hero Trinity onscreen at the same time.  Finally. 

Green Lantern has had some big-screen time. We just need to rescue Green Arrow,  Flash, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter and Aquaman from TV.

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice scheduled for release in May 2016, a Justice League movie should hit screens in time to compete with, oh, Avengers 3.

Tonight: ‘Zits’ and ‘Baby Blues’ cartoonist branches out with ArtHop


You wouldn’t blame Jerry Scott — whose comics “Zits” and “Baby Blues” reach a potential 100 million readers daily — for resting on his laurels. The 58-year-old San Luis Obispo resident is at the top of his game.

But seven years ago, Scott decided that as a comic-strip writer he was feeling a little unfulfilled as an artist. He enthusiastically took up painting. And for his subject matter, he turned to one of his great loves: Western themes and the rodeo.


You’ll get to see the results at ArtHop tonight. Scott opens the second exhibition of his career, “Roughstock,” a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Clovis Rodeo, at 1821 Gallery & Studios. He’ll be there to greet fans. I got the chance to talk with the amiable Scott for a story in today’s Life section:

Scott’s oil paintings are filled with images of cows, bulls and rodeo riders rendered in a mostly realistic style that often veers toward the impressionistic in terms of color and form. The fine-art approach is certainly a departure from the world of comics.

“I’ve spent the last 25 years being the guy behind the scenes,” Scott muses about how his comics career evolved. “That wasn’t my first choice, because I’m a visual person. So all this was sort of in response to being the writer and not the artist on my comic strips.”

I admire Scott’s drive when it comes to branching out creatively. He loves comics and is no way apologetic about what he does for a living. If anything, he’s cheerfully willing to use his celebrity in service of fine art.

After the jump: view photos by The Bee’s Eric Paul Zamora of the exhibition.

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Q & A: Local comic creator lands a Comic-Con panel


Comic-Con — the Super Bowl of all things geek — is happening this week. While hundreds of thousands of people will be in San Diego obsessing over their favorite movies, TV shows, games and more, there’s one local guy who will be there in a different, more awesome, capacity.

Web comic creator Brock Heasley has reached a new level of Comic-Con. He’s speaking on a panel — one of hundreds over the four-day expo — on Friday afternoon about digital comics. It’s a subject he knows pretty well, and not necessarily in the most joyous way.

You might remember Heasley’s name because we wrote about his comic “Monsterplex” that won DC Comic’s Zuda competition. Well, Zuda imploded and his team’s DC Comics contract vanished with it. He still stays plenty busy with his primary web comic, The SuperFogeys. But you can imagine Heasley has something to say about digital comics.

We chatted with him before he ventured down to Comic-Con to get the scoop on everything.

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Did They Just Say Fresno? Web comic edition

Fresno got name-checked recently in a Web comic called Bug. The guy behind it is from Wisconsin, so no, he’s not one of those cool local Web comic guys — but he still knew enough to mention us … and roller derby. We at The Beehive can’t help but love this.


For the record: If Fresno needs another roller derby team, I’m down with calling them the Floozies. One the strip’s readers even designed a logo for the would-be team, which you can see here.

[thanks to Jason for the head’s up]

Help a couple Fresno guys win a contract with DC Comics


UPDATE: Today is the last day of the contest and Monsterplex is currently at No. 2. Go help ‘em out, Fresno!

ORIGINAL POST, 2/11:Monsterplex,” a comic produced by two Fresno guys, is currently running strong in this month’s Zuda competition, put on by the ever-so-famous DC Comics (you know, Superman, Batman, etc).

On the line is a one-year contact with DC for “Monsterplex” and the minds behind it — Brock Heasley and David Schlotterback. They’re doing well so far, currently in second place, but they were No. 1 a few days ago. But they could use a little bit of a Fresno push. Just head over here to check out “Monsterplex,” which is a comic about a movie theater with real monsters in it.

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