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Survey says: Oh, what does it matter? You can’t read this anyway


“And the skies did open, and coconuts did fall in a deluge on the people of the city, and there was much rejoicing, but then someone got hit rather badly on the head, and the people shook their fists at God, and they vowed never again to eat Mounds bars.”
– from one of those books that never quite made it into the Bible

Hey, I figure since this post is about how people from Fresno aren’t very literate, it doesn’t matter if I just toss a bunch of nonsensical words up there to kick things off, right?

So prepare your eyebrows for the disparaging national survey of the week. This one declares Fresno “the 7th least literate city” in the United States. The web site 24/7 Wall Street┬áreports that Central Connecticut State University┬áconsidered several categories before awarding the honors, including weekday newspaper circulation per 100 (we’re actually not bad in that regard, with 21.04 readers per 100, the 43rd highest), percentage of adults with college degree (we have 19.1%, 7th lowest), retail bookstores per 10,000 (we’re down there at 0.74, 15th least) and median income ($40,533, 20th lowest.)

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