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This again?: Club Imperio to open at Granite Park

club-imperioIt’s another night club for the old Cabo Wabo venue at Granite Park. According to this story from the Business Journal, Club Imperio will be opening in the 15,000 square-foot space next weekend.

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard any news out of Granite Park, the commercial complex — on Cedar avenues near Shields — that was home to the ill-fated Cabo Wabo night club in 2008. If you remember, the center got a TON of buzz when it was originally developed, especially when rocker Sammy Haggar came on board with his tequila-themed night club.

Of course, that venture quickly fell apart.

The space has never found its footing. Several businesses have tried in a series of re-openings (as The Edge, Club Rome and most recently Club Eva). Mostly, the businesses have flown under the radar if not floundered altogether.

Here is a handy info graphic.

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Can Club Eva exorcise the ghosts of Granite Park nightclubs?

Club Eva is the latest incarnation of Granite Park’s oft-troubled nightclub. What started as Cabo Wabo, once hosted Kim Kardashian as The Edge and eventually became Club Rome, is now its sixth club in less than five years.

Eva has been in “soft opening” mode for a couple weeks now, mostly catering to the Hmong New Year crowd and hosting a New Year’s Eve party that got scathing reviews on Facebook. But Saturday night is the club’s “premier,” and with Roe now closed, Eva certainly has opportunity.

We’ll be watching to see if Club Eva can make things work in a space — a very nice space, mind you — where so many other clubs have failed. Until then, let’s all reminisce about the Granite Park nightclub failures with this handy infographic.

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[Update] Downtown openings: Karma, Heroes and Downtown Bistro


UPDATE: Since I posted this last Friday, the folks at Heroes sent over their menu. Figured some of you might want to look it over. It’s a “working menu,” so it could change.

Also. Heather checked out the new Heroes and wrote about it on her personal blog.

I’m also getting some details on another new downtown grub spot — Ballpark Cafe and will post those ASAP.

ORIGINAL POST, 2/18: It’s turned into “opening” weekend in Fresno. Of course, there’s the Club Rome opening. But two anticipated downtown spots are now fully up and running too. I told you about them last monthKarma Restaurant and Lounge (the old 2039) and Heroes Sports Lounge (the once Hero’s, then Austin’s).

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What did you think of Club Rome?

With the long weekend behind us, hopefully people have had a chance to digest Club Rome, the new hotspot at Granite Park. Despite some opening-day chaos, the club opened its doors on Friday night and, from the look of things, had big crowds both Friday and Saturday. (If you missed it, here’s a good Bee story about the club’s opening, its ownership and how Kirk Vartanian swears he’s not a part of it.)

So what did you think about the new club? Was it everything it was hyped up to be? It already lasted longer than The Edge, do you think it showed more promise than Cabo Wabo? We’d love to hear your thoughts on Club Rome.

The celebrity guests on Friday night were rapper Traphik and “American Idol” contestant Andrew Garcia. Local celebs such as Kasey Kahl and Alicia Coates were there too. This coming Saturday, Justin Bobby from “The Hills” will be at Club Rome apparently. Club Rome will also have its first live music night on March 2. Details on that below.

Here are some photos from opening weekend by local photog Casper Munoz.


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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

While you welcome back baseball season

Indie rap hero Murs (from Living Legends) is at Starline tonight. He’s one of my favorite emcees, mainly because he puts on a fun and energetic show. He was in Visalia last year and played to a packed house at The Cellar Door. Hopefully Fresno can match Visalia tonight. Tickets are available here.

murs 2-11 starline  flyer.jpg

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Granite Park’s Club Rome opening tonight, despite arson attempt


Seems like you can’t have a Granite Park nightclub opening without a little bit of 11th hour chaos.

In the case of Club Rome — which opens tonight and takes over the old Cabo Wabo/Edge space — that came in the form an early morning arson attempt.

Here’s the news from The Bee’s Jim Guy:

A new nightclub in the troubled Granite Park development will go ahead with its debut tonight despite a bungled attempt to firebomb the building this morning.

Club Rome, which is opening at the site of the failed Cabo Wabo and The Edge nightclubs in east-central Fresno, was the target of an arson attempt about 4 a.m. this morning, according to the Fresno Fire Department. Firefighters found flames at the front of the building and heavy smoke inside.

Club Rome employees were cleaning up damage this morning and entertainment director Lewis Everk said damage was minimal.

“The fire did not stop us,” he said.

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