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Fres-Know: Did they just say Siabu?

CHECK THIS OUT: Chaffee Zoo Orangutan predicts Super Bowl champs. [ABC 30]

WOAH: Siabu is viralling, getting love all over the Internet, including … [Time]

AND THEN: This Bay Area blogger uses it as a chance to talk smack about us. [SF Weekly]

CONTEST: The Bee wants to see your best photos, Niner fans. [The Bee]

SURVEY SAYS: Fresno is the No. 2 energy-drink chugging city. [Marketing Daily]

LOSER OF THE WEEK: Fresno dude who gets 7 years in jail after 8th DUI. [The Bee]

WE’RE MOURNING: “No Suits, No Ties, No Lies” Guy’s car dealership. [The Bee]

WELCOME TO THE ‘NET: Downtown Fresno Partnership’s blog. [Downtown Fresno Blog]

KICKSTART: Two local mobile food operations. [TasteFresno]

YOU SHOULD BE READING:¬†George Hostetter’s stories about walking the the city. [City Beat]

LISTEN TO THIS: Latest Flowing with Famous podcast. [Fresno Famous]

(DON’T) WATCH THIS: Happy Birthday video to some dude named Fresno. [YouTube]

VINTAGE: “Bobby Salazar” by Brian Kenney Fresno. [YouTube]

SPORTS: Fresno State’s Philip Thomas gets WashPost feature. [Washington Post]

Fres-Know: Dog chow for people


BONE APPETIT: Fresno State’s Alumni Association’s new cookbook — featuring more than 500 entries from alumni and friends — gets the bad-pun award of the day. Never fear, it includes a recipe for TimeOut’s Dog Biscuits. [Fresno State]

KEEP VOTING: Don’t forget to vote for Kyle Lowe’s short video in Sony’s “Behind the Lens” competition, which Heather told you about last week. Fresno theater fans will enjoy these performances by Taylor Abels and Taylor Babcock. If Lowe wins, he and Fresno State will both score $20,000 video cameras. [Behind the Lens]

PAIN AND PROMISE: Last week an American Association of Museums report suggested most museums are hurting financially but are reporting increased attendance and educational programs. That’s certainly the case with the Fresno Art Museum, its director concurs. [Bee]

WHAT A COMBO: A new yogurt/grilled cheese shop named “The Big Swirl” opens across from Fresno State. But where’s the tomato soup? [Fresno Bites]

POUNDING THE STREETS: Intrepid reporter George Hostetter gives us an up-close look at the homeless encampment on G Street. In essence, he writes, it’s a tenement — not so different from the conditions of the 19th Century New York we read about in history books. [City Beat]

DRINK LOCAL: Famous Whitewater tells us a little more about the new Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company downtown. Next month it debuts the reworked Half-Dome variety. [Fresno Famous]

MIKE SCOTT WITH CURLS: You’ve got to hand it to a TV-news personality who’s willing to post an old pic from the ’70s on his blog. Check out the hair AND the shirt. [CBS47]


Fres-Know: We’re real where it counts


SURVEY SAYS: Fresno No. 2 most-interested city in fake boobs. [Real Self]

NEWS: Fresno State names its men’s basketball coach. Finally. [The Bee]

AND NOW, IN K-FED NEWS: He’s impregnated another one! [US Weekly]

NEWS: City of Fresno cuts 160 jobs amid budget woes. [The Bee]

VOTE: Help Visalia’s Valley Oak SPCA get $100K. [Vote to Save Lives]

GET INVOLVED: Creative Fresno is looking for new board members. [Creative Fresno]

ICYMI: George Hostetter’s epic post about Fresno’s emerging “uptown.” [City Beat]

BLOGGINGS: “You can’t revitalize by demolition” [Fresno Urban]

PROPS: Fresno City jazz soloist Octavio Rivera wins big award [FCC]

BLOGGINGS: Who misses seeing movies at the drive-in? [What Fresno Wants]

YUM: New local food blog visits California Wok and Ballpark Cafe [Fresno Bites]

GOT SKILLS? Twin Pomegranates Wine is looking for a spokesperson. [Twin Poms]

LISTEN: The latest podcast from Dead in 60 Years [Di60Y]

BLOGGINGS: Details on Fresno’s participation in National Architecture Week [ArcHop]

Fres-Know: We’re thankful for your clicks


VOTE: Help Fresno vie for $1 million to feed our hungry from Walmart. [Walmart]

DID THEY JUST SAY FRESNO: The Cougar Convention made The Today Show [NBC]

DRINK THIS: A Turkey Day treat — the Cranberry Sauce Cocktail [Fashionably Bombed]

GOOD READ: Going meatless of Thanksgiving [Taste Fresno]

KNOW THIS: Black Thursday is the new Black Friday. [The Bee]

NEWS: New stores at the local malls. [The Bee]

WATCH THIS: Part 1 of doc about ’80s punk band Capitol Punishment [Fresno Famous]

GOOD READ(S): George Hostetter has been a city blogging machine lately. [City Beat]

LEBOWSKI ALERT: A Big Lebowski Night planned at Rodeo Lanes [Fresno Famous]

BLOGGINGS: It all changes as you get older — even video game tastes [Dumb Drum]

NOMINATE: Nominations are open for this year’s 40 Under 40. [Business Street]

NSFW BLOGGINGS: Local sex blogger answers: “Do girls like porn?” [Tits & Giggles]

The Hostetter Chronicles


It’s been a big week for George Hostetter, one of the Beehive’s favorite news bloggers. He was appointed The Bee’s official billboard critic (well, according to me), and he alternately tickled-the-funny-bone-slash-completely-mystified readers with his post about a giant Coke-bottle penis. Now, we can report another milestone: He made it into the print edition of the Bee wearing his trademark walking hat. The occasion? He’ll be writing an occasional column called “City Beat.” George walks everywhere, see, often through parts of Fresno that are about as far away from artificial lakes and gated communities as you can get, and he’s always bumping into fascinating stories mostly missed by those of us addicted to the internal-combustion engine.

His first column is about an incident he witnessed involving a very frightened teen and the Van Ness pedestrian underpass. Check it out.

Here in the office, we’re taking up a collection to buy him some Mace.