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Visalia’s Rudy Parris KO’d on ‘The Voice’

Visalia singer Rudy Parris — who had made it through the first two rounds of popular NBC singing competition “The Voice” — couldn’t make it past Tuesday night’s knockout round. He was matched up against Terry McDermott, a Scottish singer with undeniable classic rock pipes. McDermott’s already a judge and fan favorite, making Parris an underdog from the get-go.

Parris also didn’t do himself any favors with his song choice. He sung Chris Brown’s “Forever.” In practice sessions, his coach (and country star) Blake Shelton was skeptical of Parris’ decision. Shelton’s fellow judges later agreed, forcing Parris’ dismissal.

After the show, Parris posted on Facebook, thanking the show, Shelton and adding “God has opened a door.” He shared this video, he said, as a thank you to his fans. Know this, local fans, we’ll certainly see more of Parris. He was a busy and popular local artist before “The Voice” and there’s no reason he shouldn’t be afterward.

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Mike Oz’s Mail Bag: Chris Brown & Kreayshawn


Last week in my Bee column, I wrote about the not-quite-yet redemption of Chris Brown after the Grammys and how his fans (*ahem* Team Breezy *ahem*) need a reality check. Ya know, considering the way they defend him and even wish to get beat up by him.

I expected Team Breezy to get upset by this. In fact, were I to pen a predictable response to the column, it would have went something like this e-mail I got from Jasmine:

I read your article about Chris Brown and him winning the Grammy and I STRONGLY disagree with EVERYTHING you said. He may have had a violent breakout with Rihanna, but that was 3 years ago. Obviously she got over it, so you need to get over it. Chris Brown is just another person who made some mistakes, you don’t know him. I’m sure you’ve made mistakes.

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The Day the Music Died (Again) — because idiots on Twitter killed it

Well, America, we’ve found something worse than the Grammys: Idiots who comment about them online. Buzzfeed has been killin’ it today with collections of stupid Tweets and Facebook updates.

Here are the most appalling offenses, in order:

3. People who don’t know who Bon Iver is. In and of itself? Not too big of a deal. They’re a (mostly) under-the-radar hipster group. But some of these Nicki Minaj fans are heated. Oh, and some of them think the group’s name is Bonnie Bear. Lulz at you, humanity. Get better at Google. Here’s the entire list. Here’s a Tumblr dedicated to this too.


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Tiger Woods scandal inspires some pretty trashy press releases


Look, I’m as tired of hearing about Tiger Woods as the rest of you, but I’m now also irritated with the press releases I’ve been getting with companies trying to leech themselves onto this scandal.

This one — subject line: “Safe Sexting Story Idea” — that landed in my inbox this morning particularly made me gag:

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