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My 7-year-old nephew, the Lincoln fan

I had fun in my Sunday Spotlight column bragging about my seriously smart 7-year-old nephew, Matthew, who has been fascinated with Abraham Lincoln since age 3. He demanded to see the movie “Lincoln,” and it didn’t faze him at all when I told him the film is definitely a “grown-up” affair that consists in large part of men with funny looking facial hair arguing with each other. He and his 10-year-old brother, Connor, were the only kids in the packed theater — and they didn’t squirm. I write:

The best part: Matthew took along one of his favorite toys, a foot-tall Abraham Lincoln doll complete with top hat. Abe sat with him throughout the movie. Occasionally, Matthew lifted him up so Mr. Lincoln could see better.

I loved the movie, by the way. I’m a big fan of biographical films that make an effort to narrow the scope of a person’s life, that immerse us in a pivotal time that really says something about that person, rather than trying to cram an entire existence into a couple of hours. I loved the shadows and texture of the film, the dramatic lighting and stirring speeches, the wry dialogue and storm-cloud somberness as the Union limps through some of its most trying times.

Above, Matthew — wearing one of his favorite shirts — “meets” Mr. Lincoln at a Civil War reenactment last summer. (I tell the story in the last part of my column.) After the jump, I’ve posted a pic of ¬†Matthew with his Lincoln doll posing with the movie poster.

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