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The Beehive Asks: What could make you wait in line for 12 hours?

 Lines, lines, lines. There are a lot of them these days. “Twilight” fans will be lined up for hours to be the first to see “Breaking Dawn Part 2,” later this week. On Monday night, video gamers stood in the cold waiting for the midnight release of the latest “Call of Duty.”

Last week, many of those same people lined up for “Halo 4.” Oh, and there’s this little thing called Black Friday coming up.

Nobody at The Beehive has stood in a crazy-long line recently for hours upon hours. Unless Bethany hides her “Call of Duty” addiction well. But it made us think: What WOULD we wait in line for? What would YOU? A movie you love? A new product you’d trade sleep and a shower for? Or would it have to be something out of the realm of possibility – like Tupac’s comeback concert at Tokyo Garden?

Here are our answers. Chime in with yours. Hint: Be as creative as you have to be.

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