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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

5things-5-9-14Finish up your entry for Swede Fest. Then …

1. Backstabbers’ final show
It’s time to … KICK OUT THE JAMS! One last time.

2. Fresno-Madera Craft Beer Festival
The Fresno Craft Beer Festival gets a new name to fit its locale.
3. Othello
This ain’t Kenneth Branagh’s Shakespeare.

4. The Smiths vs. Depeche Mode
Big Brother returns, pitting two of the ’80s most iconic bands in a DJ’ed dance-off battle royal.

5. Spring Fling
Good, clean, sexy fun.

Burlesque community loses a star


Local performer Fleur Mystique passes along some sad news:

My heart is so sad … The burlesque community lost a talented performer and super sweet person, Sparkly Deville. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform at BHoF and Teaseorama and then the honor of sharing a stage with her in April at the AlStravaganza show in Fresno. Fresno is so lucky to have had her grace the stage and see the powerful awesomeness that she was. Sparkly Deville, I am glad I had the honor of meeting you and I know you will shower glittery love down from heaven.

Sparkly Deville (also spelled Devil) was the stage name of┬áSarah Klein, 36, who died Sunday in a car accident. The San Francisco Bay Guardian called her the “gorgeous heroine of the new burlesque movement.” Mystique adds:

She was an internationally known burlesque performer and an inspiration to our Fresno burlesque scene. She performed here in April with our Maverick Burlesque Productions when we teamed up with Pickles Kintaro for the Weird Al Burlesque show.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Klein was killed and 10 others injured when a bus packed with partygoers hit a car that went out of control and came to rest facing the wrong way on Highway 101.

Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

While starting down the “20 ways to be a better Fresnan” checklist.

Laid-back reggae/rockers The Expendables are playing what’s probably the biggest gig of the weekend, tonight at Fulton 55. If you like Slightly Stoopid, you’ll like them. We hear it’s closed to selling out. So don’t slack. [More]

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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

Besides telling your mom you love her.

Experience the forbidden at tonight’s performance from the Valley Burlesque Society. Not only is the show a bit of naughty fun, but its location adds to the voyeurism. It’s in the vault of the old Security Bank Building aka the current Pacific Southwest building. So you’re basically seeing things you shouldn’t in a place you normally shouldn’t be. How wickedly fun. [More]


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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

I’m soldiering through a taco throwdown hangover and have quite the busy day ahead, so please pardon my lack of full explanations on these. You don’t read the words anyway, you just look at the fliers, right? So here are the Five Things You Should Do This Weekend, in flier form … aside from, of course, stuffing your face.


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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

While saying hello to August (already?!?) …

In today’s Bee, I put together a big ol’ guide to the stand-up comedy scene in Fresno. It lists all the various comedy nights in town (weekly, monthly, etc.) So if you read it and wanna get out there to yuck it up immediately, you have three options this weekend.


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To-Do Tonight: Burlesque & Beats


Things are getting sexy tonight at The Million Too, with a touring burlesque show.

This Birthday Suit Burlesque Tour includes performers from around the state, as well as a few from our very own Valley Burlesque Society.

If I may say so, it’s nice to see Million Too being used for something beyond regular ol’ club nights. Well done!

Bay Area rapper Mistah F.A.B. was supposed to be in town tonight, but his Twitter says that’s not the case. Oops. The good news is that he’s supposed to be here next weekend again for The Bay Bash at Warnors Theatre. But if a hip-hop show is what you need, then head over to The Hub at Audie’s Olympic, where Fresno emcee (and my taco-eating pal) Populus, who is currently on a tour with Abel Abilities, comes at home for a performance.

To-Do Tonight: ArtHop is just the start


Welcome to another busy Thursday in Fresno. Donald already gave you the scoop on the ArtHop options, but here are some other things to do in town tonight:

Full Circle Brewing Co., the fun little brewery in Chinatown, celebrates its 10-year anniversary with ArtHop and live music. If you’ve never been, it’s quite the interesting place to explore.

The Rock and Worship Roadshow stops at Save Mart Center again. Last year, it was one of the biggest attended concerts of the year, drawing more than 13,000 people. Read up on what to expect at this year’s show in this interview with headliners Mercy Me. Tickets cost a mere $10 and are available at the door only.

April Fool’s Burlesque? Well, tease me twice. It’s happening at Audie’s Olympic, for your post-ArtHop pleasure.

The kings of post-ArtHop indie rock shows, Rademacher, return to Tokyo Garden tonight, heading up a nice bill of music that includes Trumpet Solo and It’ll Grow Back.

A bunch more event fliers below …

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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

You know, if there’s no room left on the party bus for you …

Fashawn is back in town Saturday night for this CD release party with underground rap hero Talib Kweli. It will actually be Fashawn’s first Fresno show this year. Good news for him: “Boy Meets World,” was the top-selling hip-hop CD at Amoeba this week. It was as high as No. 6 on the iTunes hip-hop charts too.


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