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Brian Kenney Fresno is … Fresno

396025_532130910138890_461907083_nBrian Kenney Fresno is the city’s self-styled musical ambassador. He of the Warr guitar and cape (he wears a cape) has traveled the nation spreading word of our raisins and weather and burrito makers.

After reading about the city’s first poet laureate (and his poem “Fresno, California. 2013″), Kenney Fresno sent me his own verse, inspired by our hometown. It’s a slightly bleaker take on the city’s triumphs and struggles, but you have to love the refrain.

Fresno: “Apart from truth and perception perfection in every way”

Seriously, I’m putting that on a T-shirt.

Read the the full text below. Run with permission.

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Fres-Know: Did they just say Siabu?

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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

While hoping no other local businesses close.

With news earlier this week that long-time LGBT nightclub The Express is closing, you can expect big crowds for its final three days tonight, Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, the popular Xotica drag show — usually on Thursdays — will be capping the final night of the club. [More]

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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

Other than seeing how many chicken wings you can cram in your mouth in 10 minutes.

The Fresno Grizzlies have a pop culture-heavy weekend planned. Tonight is “Super Hero” night, where the team will be wearing “Dark Knight Rises” theme jerseys — as seen on, FYI. If you dress like super heroes, you get in free. Saturday, the Grizz host Disney actress/singer Zendaya Coleman from “Shake It Up.” She’ll be singing the National Anthem and signing autographs. [More]


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Who needs Obama when you got Vermin Supreme?

I was watching the GOP presidential debate on Saturday night, and there seemed to be one thing on which all the white guys could agree: Obama need not be in office anymore. While it’s basically a foregone conclusion that President Obama would once again get his party’s nomination, don’t think you, given the climate of the country, that perhaps we should consider a different Democrat?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Vermin Supreme. Here’s Mr. Supreme from the recent Lesser Known Candidates Debate in New Hampshire. Among his campaign promises: When he’s president, everybody gets a pony.

Kinda Brian Kenney Fresno meets Dumbledore, dontcha think?

To-Do Tonight: If you’re not Tweeting up

We hope you’re at tonight’s Great Fresno Tweetup 2, but understand if not, or if you’re looking for something to do afterward, so …


The always-entertaining Brian Kenney Fresno is throwing himself a “surprise” birthday tonight at Audie’s. More important than that, though, it’s BKF’s first concert since his marathon 12-hour show last summer where he ended up hurting himself. For the event tonight, he’s written a new tango about Fresno. Learn more in my Q & A with the man himself.

The monthly Inner Ear Poetry Slam is tonight at Full Circle Brewing Co. So if you got something to say, they’ve got your open mic. It starts at 7:30 p.m.

It’s another of the Crossroads/KRZR “WIld Hare” nights with a bunch of live rock music. Tonight you can see local band Dislodic and touring acts Evans Blue and Red Line Chemistry.

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