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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend


Go find someone you love and hug them. It’s been a long week. Then …

1. Big Brother presents Strangelove
All I ever needed is here in my arms.

2. Logger’s Jamboree
Chopping, sawing and general wood play. You’ve got to love the smell of fresh wood chips in the morning.

3. NOCO Summer Soiree
Aerial dance + classical music inside a museum. It’s a triple shot of culture.

4. Rock N’ Shop
Music and collectibles. Special appearance by a jaw-less zombie pet (or the dude who played one on TV anyway).

5. Ani-Jam
One word: Cosplay.

Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

5things-5-9-14Finish up your entry for Swede Fest. Then …

1. Backstabbers’ final show
It’s time to … KICK OUT THE JAMS! One last time.

2. Fresno-Madera Craft Beer Festival
The Fresno Craft Beer Festival gets a new name to fit its locale.
3. Othello
This ain’t Kenneth Branagh’s Shakespeare.

4. The Smiths vs. Depeche Mode
Big Brother returns, pitting two of the ’80s most iconic bands in a DJ’ed dance-off battle royal.

5. Spring Fling
Good, clean, sexy fun.

Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

In addition to getting dirty – you dirty, dirty Fresnans.

Tonight on the Fulton Mall: Ugly sweaters + ice skating + Carthop. It’s put on by FLYP’s Downtown Academy. I’ll even be out there DJing. [More]

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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

Other than getting “drunk and disorderly” at Club Habanos

So I may or may not be related to the lead singer of the band headlining Starline on Saturday night. Depends on who you ask in my family. It’s Death Angel, a veteran Bay Area metal band, and Mark Osegueda is its pipes. The show also includes Warbringer and is the four-year anniversary celebration for concert promoter Diehardz Music. It’s a treat for metal heads, as Death Angel’s metal legacy dates back to the early ’80s and is quite legit. And I’m not saying that ’cause the singer might be my kin. [Tix]


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On TV tonight: ‘Big Brother’

100678_D0132b.jpg “Big Brother,” 9 p.m. KGPE (Channel 47.1): This latest round of voyeurism TV will feature eight new contestants plus the return of notorious duos from past seasons.

As always, “Big Brother” will spy on a group of people living together in a house that has 52 cameras and 95 microphones to record their every move 24 hours a day. Players get voted out each week until one is left to take home the grand prize of $500,000.

This year’s house has a Venice Beach loft-inspired look featuring an urban design that brings the outside décor in and the inside décor out. There’s a Frank Gehry-inspired bedroom, surfboards mounted on the walls and original artwork ranging from a custom sunglass display to a wall of graffiti. There’s also the “Have/Have Not Room” where luxury and comfort are non-existent.

Following tonight’s premiere, “Big Brother” will be broadcast on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Julie Chen returns as host.

To-Do Tonight: Dance like it’s the ’80s


Tonight is the debut of a new club night at Starline – the 80s-themed Big Brother. Modeled after SF’s “1984,” Big Brother is crafted by husband and wife duo Jacqueline and Luke Deniston.

Expect everything from Depeche Mode from INXS to Madonna.

Fresno Famous has a nice write-up on what’s planned. Here’s a taste:

“This is me inviting people to my house and playing music for them,” [Jacqueline] Deniston says.

To be fair, they’ve been at this since July and have 13 hours worth to choose from. She started with a giant list if all the bands she loved — the Cure and Joy Division, OMD, Pet Shop Boys — then spent time with Pandora and Last FM sort of rediscovering things.

It starts at 8 p.m. Cover is $5. Plans are for Big Brother to continue monthly.

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On TV tonight: ‘Survivor,’ ‘Masterchef,’ ‘Outlaw,’ ‘Big Brother,’ ‘America’s Got Talent’

NUP_139772_0020.JPG It’s a big night of starts and finishes on network television.

“Survivor: Nicaragua,” 8 p.m. KGPE (Channel 47.1): The reality competition series moves to a new home on Wednesday nights for the upcoming season. This year’s battle starts with the teams being divided by age.

“Masterchef,” 8 p.m. KMPH (Channel 26.1): Four contestants battle for the title in the two-hour season finale.

“America’s Got Talent,” 8 p.m. (Channel 24.1): The four finalists will have to wait through two hours of performances and filler material to find out who will win this year’s crown and a job in Las Vegas.

“Big Brother,” 9 p.m. KGPE (Channel 47.1): The winner of this year’s round of the network voyeur show will be revealed.

“Outlaw,” 10 p.m. KSEE (Channel 24.1): Jimmy Smits plays a Supreme Court judge who resigns from the high court so that he can returning to practicing law. His first test is to find a way to balance his desire to do legal good with a very destructive personality.

On TV tonight


“The Biggest Loser,” 8 p.m. KSEE (Channel 24.1), “More To Love,” 8 p.m. KMPH (Channel 26.1), “Big Brother,” 9 p.m. KGPE (Channel 47.1): Nine of the 13 hours of network programming tonight are of the unscripted variety. This includes the season finales of “Big Brother” and “More To Love” and the season opener of “The Biggest Loser.” It will be interesting to see who wins “Big Brother” as not one of the three remaining players – Jordan, Natalie and Kevin – should get the cash prize. You still have time to vote for which house guest you think should win by going to “The Biggest Loser” continues to be a surprise. Viewers have embraced the inspirational part of the series and keeps making it a success in the ratings. “More To Love” has not drawn as many viewers and there is a slim chance of a second season.