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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend


Aside from buying Taylor Swift’s new album …

1.Monsters of the Deep
Fresno’s nationally-known literary magazine celebrates seven years with a nautical- (and obsession-) themed book reading.

2. Kearney Renaissance Faire
Welcome to the Shire of Kearney! Have some mead and a turkey leg.

3. Fresno High Flea
Another week, another trash-to-treasure sale.

4. Fresno County Wine Journey
Save the Napa trip and drink local.

Bike Through History
A 6-mile bicycle tour of some of Fresno’s most historic locales.

And a bonus five for music fans.

1. Hot for Teacher
2. The Kin
3. Cheers Elephant
4. The Beetles
5. Sharon Anderson

For a full list of music-specific events check out the weekly BANDGEEK! post.

Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

Aside from revisiting the Civil War

1. Zappcon
Geeks (and nerds) of the world united and take over.

2. Zumba Under the Stars
Everyone is getting fit without you.

3. Breakfast Ride to Kearney Park
Don’t worry, you’ll get to the park before the first Civil War shots are fired.

4. Lunafest
The documentary “Viva,” seems particularly interesting. It tells the story of 82-year-old punker Viva Hamnell.

5. Glorious Junk Days
One man’s trash and all that.

An added bonus for those seeking music-oriented events:

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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

5things5-23-14Start your own Bruno Mars countdown and then …

1. NickFest
Any three of the nine bands on this bill would be worth the ticket price. Heck, Tera Melos alone is probably worth the ticket price.

2. Marjaree Mason Wish List Spin
Ride with professional cyclist Mary Maroon. This is a friendly trip, so you won’t have to worry about keeping up. The entrance fee is an item from the Marjaree Mason Center’s wish list.
3. Fresno Grand Opry
For country music purists.

4. The Big Lebowski
My friends (and bowling team) would slap me if I failed to mention this.

5. Comic Crawl
Because you need every excuse to put on a costume and drink. Seriously though, when did being geeky get cool? I missed the memo

It’s Bike Month in Fresno. Let’s be safe.

On Friday, I wrote this commentary as lead in to National Bike Month, which runs through May (I Bike Fresno has some cool tie-in events, including the annual Bike to Work Challenge).

The column got response from several cyclists, who read it as a reminder of how wonderful (and life changing) riding can be. Despite the obvious dangers on the road, bicycling is worth it. Most people, even those who don’t ride now, have fond memories of bicycling, even if it was back in their college days.

At least one reader, however, reminded me that some cyclists seem to disregard their responsibilities as vehicle operators. For instance: That coming-to-a-full-stop-at-four-way-crossings-with-marked-stop-signs thing. His estimate for the corner of Willow and Copper was one-in-10 that stop.

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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

While you’re counting down to “Les Miz.“…

1-10-14-21.) “Her
This a a big weekend for lovers of independent/artsy films. Fresno Filmworks, the Fresno Jewish Film Series and the megaplexes all have offerings. Spike Jonze’ newest seems wacky cool and is getting raves from people I trust. So …

2.) Audiepalooza
Audie Paron does his annual birthday-bash music fest. The three days of local (and locally loved) music starts at 6 p.m. tonight.

5things-1-103.) James Garner’s Johnny Cash tribute
If you missed seeing Cash when he was alive.

4.) 2014 Tweed Ride
Old-time bicycle ride around downtown and Tower District. Seems like my kind of fun. Penny-farthing not required.

5.) Movie Night: Raider’s of the Lost Ark
The first in a seven-week series of movie nights and another mention for Peeve’s Public House.

Support needed for Fruit Avenue bike lanes

UPDATE No. 2: And now we have a story from George Hostetter. You can and should read it, but suffice it to say: None of council member Brandau’s arguments hold water with me. This post from the people at Sunnyside Bicycles quickly explains why. Do you want to know why no one bikes on Fruit Avenue, council member? BECAUSE THERE ARE NO BIKE LANES.

(That’s twice today I’ve used all caps).

It’s naive to think everyone is going to (or should) care about bicycles and bike lanes as much as I do. It’s equally naive (and a bit elitist and annoying) to think cars are the only means of viable transportation.

UPDATE: (12:15 p.m. May 23) It looks like the city council ignored the Bicycle Master Plan and voted down the Fruit Avenue road diet. It should be noted that it was a 3-4 vote. Council members Xiong, Quintero, and Baines voted for the bike lanes. Brandau, Brand, Caprioglio, and Olivier voted against them.

Are these guys goldfish? The Bicycle Master Plan was approved two years ago. Is that too far back for them to remember? I feel guilty for waiting until hours before the vote to raise a fuss, but we shouldn’t have to have this discussion EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. a road diet comes up to vote. I suggest Brandau, Brand, Caprioglio and Olivier read the Bicycle Master Plan. AND THEN STICK TO IT. Of course they won’t, because they don’t have to apparently. Ugh.

ORIGINAL POST: (9:45 a.m. May 23) News on the fight to get bike lanes on Fruit Avenue has been all over my social media feeds this week, but I’ve been late on getting a post up.

I’ll do it now, with a reminder that the issue goes before the council today.

Some back story (taken from the Fresno County Bike Coalition):

On Thursday May 23rd, city staff will be asking City Council to approve a cooperative agreement with the County of Fresno to convert Fruit Avenue from four lanes to three lanes between Shaw and Herndon (Council District 2). This will add bicycle lanes on both sides of the street! Staff first asked Council’s approval on May the 2nd, but Council continued the item for two weeks to gather more information.

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A letter from the new Mike Oz


For those following the count-down clock, we’ve hit the zero hour (to the chagrin of at least one user). Those following me over from my previous gig at Fresno Famous will need no introduction, but the rest of y’all probably want to know what I am about.

First off, I like lists. So:

  • ¬†Downtown. When the Vagabond Lofts were built in 2006, I was the first to move in. Literally, the very first resident in the complex (OK, I had a roommate). I was what then-council member Henry T. Perea called an urban pioneer. I fully buy into the idea that a city is only as good as its downtown, and that Fresno can be (heck, it already is) a vibrant, cultural hot-spot. To that end, I’ll be keeping up with the city’s efforts to get people back to the urban core. For now, check out I Believe in Downtown Fresno. You don’t have to take the pledge, but you can at least get informed.
    To keep from being all north Fresno vs. south, I also have an affinity for Fig Garden Village and the Tower District and have no problem hanging out at River Park when I need to.

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