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Bye-bye, Beehive

I don’t know how to start this blog post, so I’ll just blurt out the news: I’m leaving.

For more than 10 years, I’ve been writing for The Bee, and for much of that, The Beehive too. At the end of month, I’m starting a new chapter. I’ve taken a job with Yahoo! Sports, where I’ll be writing about Major League Baseball for their Big League Stew blog. My last day with The Bee is Jan. 31.

It’s a somewhat foreseeable conclusion, I suppose. If you look back at my first days in Fresno — oh, June 2002, how fun you were — I was a fresh-out-of-school hire for The Bee, who had only written about sports. The bosses took a chance on me and gave me an entertainment gig. The executive editor at the time, Charlie Waters, made me promise I wouldn’t try to angle for a sports job withinin the first six months.

Turned out, I loved my entertainment gig and the opportunity it gave to explore Fresno and the Central Valley. Along the way, The Beehive was born. It wasn’t long before this place was my baby. I loved the blogging platform, the Beehive team, the fun we had and the community we built. It won’t be easy to say goodbye. Between writing the posts, officiating the comment wars and organizing the parties, I’ve put more time into this site than anything in my professional life.

Because you’re probably wondering: No, I’m not leaving Fresno. At least in the foreseeable future. I’ll still be here, enjoying the jewels of our community, going to shows, eating tacos and seeing many of you loyal blog readers out and about. My radio show, Ozmosis, will continue too.

I don’t know how to end this post either. So if you’re reading this, I’ll just say thank you.

A new face on The Beehive

Please join us in welcoming our colleague Bee reporter Bethany Clough to The Beehive.

Many of you probably already follow Bethany on the news blog, Twitter (@bethanyclough) and Facebook, where she shares juicy details about local restaurants and shopping sites. Now she’ll share those tidbits and other musings on The Beehive.

Here’s a little bit about Bethany, in her own words:

I’ve worked for the Bee for 11 years, most recently writing about restaurants and retail, the most fun beat at the paper. Eating and shopping, doesn’t get much better than that (especially when going to the mall is part of your job).

I grew up in the country in western New York (I was a five-county dairy bowl champion when I was 13) and went to journalism school at Syracuse University before moving to California for a volunteer position with Habitat for Humanity.

I still volunteer for them, including on the cookie committee, which makes cookies for the worksite and events. Love to bake and cook.

I’m little but husband got me into weight lifting and now my goal is to bench press my body weight (I’m 68% of the way there).

We wanted to delve a little deeper, so the Beehive crew asked Bethany some questions.

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… And we’re back

Big apologies are in order from your friendly neighborhood Beehive. We had some severe server issues that caused us to go offline since last Thursday. Thankfully, my main man Baby Oz was able to fix things. Jokes, jokes. Big thanks to Beehive developer Joel for working tirelessly to get us going again.

The good news is that we used the downtime to make some changes on the back-end that we’ve been wanting to do for a while. We’re now using WordPress as our blogging platform, which should allow us to be more flexible and not have as many problems in the future. For now, our archives are gone and we’re still working on a few aspects of the site, but everything will be rebuilt soon enough.