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Of Wal-Mart, tattoos and Travis Sheridan’s soon-to-be ornamented calf

UPDATE ABOVE: Here’s Travis Sheridan getting his tattoo! (Video by Eric Paul Zamora/The Fresno Bee) And if you look on the jump of this post, you can see an image of the finished artwork in all its glory.

ORIGINAL POST: All day Wednesday, glancing now and then at my Facebook page, I had an image of Travis Sheridan working himself into a lather as he sat in front of his keyboard pounding out mesages of inspiration to the Fresno folks competing for Wal-Mart’s $1 million food prize. Sheridan reminded me of a cross between a carnival barker, precinct captain and soothing psycotherapist as he entreated folks to come together as a community and take advantage of a mega-corporation’s brilliant marketing scheme. (Hey, it’s a million bucks for our community, right? Go ahead and play the game!)

Sheridan wasn’t beyond a stunt of his own to win the prize. As Beehive commenter Heather P. writes:

As a commitment to Fresno’s pulling together for this win, Travis Sheridan promised that if Fresno got to 500,000 likes by midnight, Wednesday he’d get a tattoo of the Fresno Flag on his calf. Fresno reached that goal by 6 p.m. His appointment is at Tower Tattoo, Thursday morning at 11 a.m.

Sheridan got his “likes,” and now he’ll forever be emblazoned with his love of Fresno. I can’t wait to see the photos from the tattoo session (and, hopefully, video).

In the meantime, Fresno has topped a million votes in the online contest. But No. 2 Salt Lake City is still lurking close behind at about 831,000 as of 9:30 a.m.


Responses to "Of Wal-Mart, tattoos and Travis Sheridan’s soon-to-be ornamented calf"

Tim says:

Remember Grand Rapids?

james says:

I remembered when one of their radio programs called me last week. We should call them for the commentary now.

mdub420 says:

Travis continues to impress me. He should be the next mayor of Fresno.

Donald Munro says:

And it’s not like he’s going to be the next mayor of Visalia, say, with a flag of Fresno tattooed on his calf.

Jeeeeeeze says:

SLC is now over 900,000, while Fresno has hardly moved :-/

Let’s not get too confident, people.

Crapola says:

SLC is now more than 950,000, and Fresno has completely stagnated!

Noooooooo!!!! says:

SLC has passed 1,000,000! They got 50,000 votes in less than an hour!
Fresno has hardly moved!!!

Chase Sanborn says:

Travis needs to let that self-inflicted tattoo heal first. Yeah, the one above in Heather’s WTF post. :)

Michael Medrano says:

Keep it up Travis! Also, just learned of a website of White Supremacists who are spreading the Fight the Hunger word for SLC. They are calling Fresno a city of “Wetbacks.” This is true. Check the link:

pk says:

Wow….that was just ridiculous.
It is really sad that this sort of thing, along with lots of bad press (top of the google search) about cheating contributed to the SLC ‘probable’ win, though anyone with half a rational thought would wonder how could SLC do what they did in the waning day/hours without some sort of vote building operation….