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To-Do Tonight: ArtHop


One of my picks in Thursday’s Life section for ArtHop is an emotional show from Cynthia Chapman Manuszak at the Lofts at Pacific Towers on the Fulton Mall. I write:

For her new show, “Jude, the Story of a Woman,” the artist followed her subject, Judy Arke, for two years. Making both photographs and hand paintings, Manuszak created an interesting artistic dynamic with Arke — a relationship that went farther than mere observer/recorder to more of an interactive character in her subject’s life. Both had experienced emotional traumas connected with the men in their lives.

The exhibition also features works by other artists, including a series of “body presses” — a a technique in art therapy, which Manuszak is pursuing as a graduate degree at Fresno Pacific University, involving a subject pressing his or her mostly nude body against a canvas smeared with paint — from several women.

This is an ArtHop-only exhibition, with one repeat on Feb. 18.

More ArtHop picks after the jump. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments.



The new show “Wynn Bullock: Color Light Abstraction” will have an ArtHop reception. Bullock, considered a master photographer of the 20th century, died in 1975. He worked mostly in black and white images, but he also created a series of color photographs of light. Hampered by the limitations of color printing at that time, he was unable to make stable, exhibit-quality prints. Now, with technological advances in color reproduction, prints of these works are being shown for the first time. Spectrum’s big weekend continues 7-9 p.m. Friday with Barbara Bullock-Wilson, the photographer’s daughter.



Here’s an interesting prospect: At the Chance James Photography Gallery, located at Broadway Studios, 1416 Broadway St., eight artists challenged themselves to pull off a “Portrait Self Portrait” show. Works include portraits of each other along with self-portraits. Details: (559) 455-3102.



Artist Stephen Love will be featured at the grand opening of the Faithful and True Tattoo Studio at the Iron Bird Lofts, 1929 Fulton St. Music will be by Sahab Hobab and Steve Lucero. Plus, you can get 25% off a tattoo if you schedule one during ArtHop.



The art department’s 2011 Artist Invitational group exhibition continues through Friday with artist lectures 3-5 p.m. today at the Conley Art Gallery on campus, followed by an ArtHop reception. Featured artists are photographer Terrance Reimer, video artists Diran Lyons and Jen Sachs, and sculpture/ceramics artist Monica Van den Dool.



Shannon Bickford and Lylia Carr share a theme in this month’s show at Gallery 25. Bickford uses symbolic representation of images in her paintings from memories, dreams and associations. Carr’s mixed media on Somerset or Masa paper and wood uses symbols as a theme from different parts of the world and from different times in history.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: ArtHop"

cjl says:

“which Manuszak is pursuing as a graduate degree at Fresno Pacific University, involving a subject pressing his or her mostly nude body against a canvas smeared with paint — from several women”

Ummm, wow. Fresno Pacific actually went for that? Isn’t that a bit… too … fetishist for them? I’m not knocking the “art” … but… wow.

Twee boutique will have art work and apparel by yours truly(shameless plug). The art work is a series of mixed media on various hardwoods. Using mostly recycled materials, carving, paint and dye. Come down and say hello, I’ll be there from 5-8.

Jason says:

Lance Canales & The Flood will be playing Blues and Roots music at the KJewel studio from 6-8pm tonight.

peter robertson says:

Body presses? On canvas?

I saw an exhibit like that in Seattle, once.

Or was it Vancouver, BC?