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Clovis West High gets the ‘Phantom’ spirit

It’s definitely a “Phantom of the Opera” weekend. Not only is the Fresno Philharmonic bringing in three former Broadway Phantoms for a big pops concert, but Clovis West High School is opening the local premiere of the musical Friday at the Mercedes Edwards Theatre for a three-weekend run. (In a bit of synergy, cast members from the Clovis West show will get to attend the Philharmonic rehearsal Saturday morning and meet the cast members.) I’d hoped to embed a promo video in this post but couldn’t get the coding to work, so here’s a still image — check out the video link below.


Click here for the video.

Responses to "Clovis West High gets the ‘Phantom’ spirit"

Brent Moser says:

To get advance tickets for this great show as well as other CUSD productions, visit:

Dominic says:

Saw a dress rehearsal the other night. It was Phan-tastic! =P

I’m sure I’m not the only person to ever use that pun haha.

Debbie says:

Saw the show Saturday 2-5. Had to keep reminding myself these were High School Students. It was FABULOUS!

Donna says:

Clovis West put on an amazing show. See it if you can. Phantom is not my favorite show, but these kids moved it closer to the top for me.