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Backstage spy: ‘Phantom of the Opera’

As Clovis West moves into its final weekend of its big, ambitious production of “The Phantom of the Opera,” buzz continues to build. A letter writer to The Bee wrote this week:

I had the pleasure of seeing Clovis West High School’s performance of “The Phantom of the Opera.” These students gave a fantastic performance and should be commended. Every one of them were outstanding. The orchestra and the singing were superb and the show enjoyable from beginning to the end. This is a must see.

With our feature Backstage Spy, we ask cast members from various local theater productions to carry a camera backstage during a typical performance and give us a feel for what it’s like behind the scenes. Our photographer today is Madi Spate, assistant director of the show. Here are her photos and commentary from Thursday night’s performance:


Raoul (Trent Dahlin) and Christine (Haylee Cotta) right before Act II. Masque-arrayed.


Backstage spy: “It’s a Wonderful Life”
Backstage spy: “Bye Bye Birdie”
Backstage spy: “Magic at the Memorial”


Alyssa Susoeff, our stage manager, arrives, and business must begin!



Phantom (Isaac Ellis) must put on all his makeup for his ‘good side.’



Female pre-show pow wow circle.



Male pre-show pow wow circle. (A little more rambunctious if you ask me.)



This is Christine (Haylee Cotta) and Carlotta’s (Kelsey Sutton) way of physically warming up before the show.



Ya-ha, ya-aa, ya-aa-aa, ya-ha-ha-ha, ya-aa-aa-aa-aa.



Finally, intermission!!!! Our costume crew, (Gianna McMurry, Emily Martin, Emily Kaai) have been helping actors change nonstop since the opening number.



The Phantom of the Phantom?



And it’s over!! Time to put mics away after the hectic struggle to get them all off. Our wonderful sound team (Olivia Stemler, Andrew Vargas) get to put away all the sweaty mic packs now! Woohoo!



Victory! Yet another successful night of Phantom of the Opera! Both cast and crew are pleased with tonight’s outcome.



Phantom (Isaac Ellis) takes advantage of his cape and uses it to give himself wings, maybe someday he’ll try to fly with them.

Responses to "Backstage spy: ‘Phantom of the Opera’"

Stephen says:

Before I scrolled down to read the photo caption on the main/first photo, I thought “I wonder why Lisi Drioane is back doing a high school show?”

Big production for a HS department…I’m glad to hear they’re pulling it off in spades.

Saw that last weekend. I’m no theater critic but I thought these kids performed like professionals. Great show!