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Broadway in Fresno announces new season. Ho hum.


Here’s the 2011-12 Broadway in Fresno lineup:

  • Blue Man Group: Sept. 26-28
  • My Fair Lady: Jan. 11-12
  • Young Frankenstein: Feb. 14-15
  • Grease: March 14-15

Um, sorry. I was so bored I feel asleep at my keyboard for a moment. Let’s see … “Blue Man Group,” founded in 1987, is as old as the red hills of Georgia. “My Fair Lady” and “Grease” … let’s just all ride our dinosaurs down to the Saroyan to partake.

“Young Frankenstein” is the “hot” title of the bunch, if you could call it that. The Mel Brooks musical opened on Broadway in 2007 to mixed reviews and closed a little over a year later.

There’s a big, glaring gap on the calendar between September and January. So I’m crossing my fingers and hoping a bigger-profile fifth title is announced later.

Responses to "Broadway in Fresno announces new season. Ho hum."

Jasmine says:

Grease? really?? why?? Can we all just place a moratorium on that show and ask that no one perform it for at least a year. (Annie too.)

Kristin C says:

Annie is already planned at CMT/MTF for this Christmas season.

This is an uninspiring season, but I hope it doesn’t matter. Hopefully local theatre will be so awesome, it won’t matter what Broadway in Fresno does.

Kelli says:

Yawn. How the heck do you come up with Grease and Blue Man Group after giving us Wicked, Spamalot, and the Color Purple?

Marci says:

I second Kristin. In the last few weeks there has been such amazing theater here locally in Fresno! It makes me hopeful that there will other options besides Grease and Blue Man Group. Bleh…. must have used up all of the budget getting the amazing shows they got last season!

pk says:

I was happy to see that Good Company is doing one of my faves this season: The Drowsy Chaperone…
Don’t think it has been to Fresno as yet…

Just a really fun show, upbeat, show-within-a-show and stay-in-your head music, don’t let the title fool you… nothing to snooze at!

Julie says:

I agree- ho hum- this past year I popped for season tickets- don’t think I will renew with this line up…..the fun of the tours coming in is seeing what you might not otherwise see locally. How can there be so many great new shows in San Fran this year and we in Fresno are getting My Fair Lady and Grease? And Blue Man group…when I saw the teaser on the last program with the logos I was hoping they weren’t referencing the actual season….guess I was wrong.