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Fres-Know: Dog chow for people


BONE APPETIT: Fresno State’s Alumni Association’s new cookbook — featuring more than 500 entries from alumni and friends — gets the bad-pun award of the day. Never fear, it includes a recipe for TimeOut’s Dog Biscuits. [Fresno State]

KEEP VOTING: Don’t forget to vote for Kyle Lowe’s short video in Sony’s “Behind the Lens” competition, which Heather told you about last week. Fresno theater fans will enjoy these performances by Taylor Abels and Taylor Babcock. If Lowe wins, he and Fresno State will both score $20,000 video cameras. [Behind the Lens]

PAIN AND PROMISE: Last week an American Association of Museums report suggested most museums are hurting financially but are reporting increased attendance and educational programs. That’s certainly the case with the Fresno Art Museum, its director concurs. [Bee]

WHAT A COMBO: A new yogurt/grilled cheese shop named “The Big Swirl” opens across from Fresno State. But where’s the tomato soup? [Fresno Bites]

POUNDING THE STREETS: Intrepid reporter George Hostetter gives us an up-close look at the homeless encampment on G Street. In essence, he writes, it’s a tenement — not so different from the conditions of the 19th Century New York we read about in history books. [City Beat]

DRINK LOCAL: Famous Whitewater tells us a little more about the new Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company downtown. Next month it debuts the reworked Half-Dome variety. [Fresno Famous]

MIKE SCOTT WITH CURLS: You’ve got to hand it to a TV-news personality who’s willing to post an old pic from the ’70s on his blog. Check out the hair AND the shirt. [CBS47]


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mdub420 says:

Mike Scott looks like he boned a lot of chicks back in the day. He looks like a ladies man in the picture.