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Osama Bin Laden’s death: most stupid Facebook reaction

Say what you want about Facebook and its big, messy, instantaneous, unedited plunge into what a nation is saying and thinking — but you certainly get a whole bunch of opinions. That some of those opinions are odd, eccentric, scary or downright nauseating is a great reminder that it takes all kinds to make up a country.


Here’s a compilation of more “incredibly stupid” Facebook reactions from

Beyond the downright weird stuff, it’s interesting to read the range of opinions — most celebratory, some (but a distinct minority) tiresomely political, a few provocative. Consider this reminder by a Facebook commenter who plays the Bible card:


Gives one pause for thought, eh?

For me, I’m glad they got Osama Bin Laden, but I’m not going to join a jubilant street demonstration to celebrate the death of a human being, not even him. (But I’m also not going to criticize those who do.)

Responses to "Osama Bin Laden’s death: most stupid Facebook reaction"

Famous says:

Well, Donald, I will criticize those who do by saying this: If they had cared this much about Osama when he was alive, maybe it wouldn’t have taken us so long to find him.

Heather P. says:

I noted the coincidental timing of the President’s announcement on my own Facebook page, but to assert that it was done purposely is ridiculous.

What it did do, however, was to reboot the media treatment of political stories, hopefully reminding them that programming should be given to truly important issues rather than non-issues like birth certificates and college transcripts.

Jennifer says:

I heard about the speech cutting off The Apprentice, but I assume that was only in western time zones right? He didn’t speak until about 8:30 here, so 11:30p in Washington. I would assume someone as busy as the President not only is not thinking of what precious tv shows he may ruin, but he probably does not even know when that show is on. I didn’t.

mdub420 says:

The words spoken by Sylvia couldn’t be more true.

Rose V says:

You said it Jennifer.

adam says:

Isn’t writing a blog post calling someone’s FB reaction stupid, by definition, a criticism?

Very wise choice in not showing the pictures, I agree that with our soliders over there could put them at risk. Good luck with what you do. God bless America