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It’s down to four on ‘American Idol’

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We here at the Beehive have been mostly silent on this latest season of “American Idol.” Not even the spectacle of Jennifer Lopez — who in her interactions with the singers seems to be trying to add Most Bestest Friend to her title of “People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Judge” — doing her thing, or Steven Tyler getting all loosey-goosey on national TV, or Randy Jackson trying to channel a slightly kinder and gentler Simon Cowell as he competes with the star-power wattage sitting next to him, was enough to draw me in on a regular basis.

But now that there are just four singers left — with one booted off tonight — it’s time to weigh in. I watched last night. My impressions:

James Durbin. So cocky he owns the stage. Perhaps too cocky? Though Lopez kept trilling last night about his fabulous vibrato last night in Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin,’ ” I thought the second part of the song wasn’t all that impressive vocally. But I do like his swagger. And he’s from Santa Cruz, and I’m from Santa Cruz County, so there’s the homeboy thing. Who knows? Maybe he’s different enough to shake up the winning “Idol” formula by being a champion we can actually remember in a year.

Lauren Alaina. Too, too young. She screams high school to me. When guest mentor Lady Gaga tried to foist a slightly more provocative edge on Alaina’s sunny immaturity, it came across as a little desperate. Yet — like all the others — a powerful voice. No mediocre finalists have made it to the Final Four.

Scotty McCreery. OK. In the first part of the season, I was tickled by McCreery’s amiable bass and his Johnny-Cash-as-tadpole impression. He knows his material. But by this point, I’m bored. His attempt last night to goof things up with “Young Blood” was three-fifths dorky. Is the country contingent really strong enough to send Scotty to the top?

Haley Reinhart. Best for last. Again, I’ve only dipped in and out of this show this season, but I find in the last few weeks that Reinhart’s raspy vocals and stage stature is really growing on me. Contrary to Lopez and Jackson’s diss of her first number, “Earth Song,” in last night’s show, I thought she was stellar. She’s my pick.

And here’s my prediction: Lauren Alaina goes home tonight.

Who do you think is going to win it all?

Responses to "It’s down to four on ‘American Idol’"

pk says:

I was totally won over by James over this competition….I really thought he and Hayley would be the last two standing….
Was shocked by his leaving!
I too thought Lauren Alaina would be the one to leave tonite…
She and Scotty are so young that even though they are technically good (and Scotty is a musician as well) the maturity thing would be needed to go the whole way…and that is where James had it down…
But…it is very interesting to see the voting went for the more mainstream
James is a true talent, and will still find the career he so richly deserves, I did a total 180 on my opinion of him through the contest as he showed himself to be such a wonderful vocalist and a true musician…even with that metal vibe!

Stephen says:

One. Comment.

Guess this tells you how many people have given up on AI, even with ‘the most talented crew of singers EVER!’