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A beautiful Saturday


I’m talking inside, not outside. On a truly busy weekend, I managed to cram in three events in one day:

Gala piano concert. Olga Quercia and Matthew Horton put on a beautiful duo piano recital of Gershwin songs (plus a nod to Louis Armstrong) at Fresno City College. It was the first big-deal concert to take place in the gorgeously renovated Old Administration Building auditorium. The space is stunning.

Swede Fest 7. Full Circle Brewing Co. was jammed for the 25-Swede extravaganza. Nothing like hanging out with a bunch of Swedes on a warm spring night! (And we’re talking about the amateur depiction of famous movie moments, not the festival in Kingsburg, which is where one person I talked to at the next event I attended assumed I’d gone to when I told her I’d been Sweding.)

“Sing Out, Louise!” A star-studded homage to the music of Stephen Sondheim, this exhilarating concert featured great vocal talent from local theater folks. (More to come, including additional photos by Kyle Lowe, later this afternoon.)

I missed a lot of things, too, including the Fresno Philharmonic’s Eagles concert. I’m curious how that went.

How’d you spend the weekend?

Responses to "A beautiful Saturday"

marcel says:

I held a Web-A-Thon in my driveway for my Kickstarter project. Battling the weather and technical glitches… it still went on to bring pledges (about 40 percent) closer to my funding goal.

Here is the link to the project page:

It’s close but the fat lady will sing soon. Let’s hope it reaches it’s goal before she sings.

marcel says:

UPDATE: as of 6:45 AM my Kickstarter project was fully funded. Now the real work begins.