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Who will the final two ‘AI’ contenders be?


Earlier today I declared my love for “Modern Family.” I’m not going to do the same thing for this season’s ho-hum “American Idol,” which I’ve already bashed so many times this season that it seems like overkill to do it again. (Sort of like thwacking the destroyed printer in “Office Space” just one more time, even if it’s already gone long ago to prefabricated-plastic hell.) But it IS a rather big episode tonight for “AI,” and I know there are still a lot of people out there watching (including me, if only in a bableep-bableep-bableep accelerated TIVO way).

So. Who’s going home? Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze or Casey James?

If the judges have their way, at least according to last night’s show, Lee is definitely in the Top Two. I still don’t really get the whole Lee phenomenon, however. I guess his story arc fits a kind of anti-glamour, underachiever-type trope — he’s basic and solid and droopy-eyed appealing, just an average Joe getting his big break. He’s the meat and potatoes on the “AI” menu.

I think (I hope) that the lightweight Casey doesn’t make it into the finals, setting up a Lee-vs.-Crystal showdown — but even then, it’s not as if I feel all that strongly about the matter. Guess we’ll see.

Any more passionate guesses out there?

Responses to "Who will the final two ‘AI’ contenders be?"

Mike Oz says:

I can quite happily say that if you asked me who the three finalists are, I would have no idea. And even though I don’t usually watch “AI,” this is a first. Oh to be blissfully ignorant.

Stacy Lang says:

I’ve not watched AI except to peruse the video clips of the performances. Even then I started halfway through. Even though Casey may have not performed well in the beginning I’m liking his voice more than I do Lee’s. Crystal is awesome. Of the three I doubt I’d buy anything Lee came out with, unless it was exceptional. But I’d buy anything Crystal did and Casey would be number 2.

(I don’t like Lee because he just seems to be so-so in his performances. He doesn’t sound any different – or as good – as many others. And also, he needs to stop trying to be a rocker)

But then again, that’s just my opinion.

Stephen says:

I’m AI’s EX-biggest fan.

The talent on all ends, from directing to Ryan to the judges to definitely the contestants is sorely lacking this year.

Alison Iraheta destroys all of the contestants this year, let along Danny Gokey, Kris Allen or Adam ‘Shouldawon’ Lambert.

These guys are karaoke wanna-be’s, and I refuse to watch anything more than a few online cursury performances.

BEV says:

please vote for crystal she is one of the most talented idol ever. lee way overrated. judges have already crowned him. not sure why they turned on crysal , but i hope she beats the hell out of him and upsets simons,vote,vote the whole two hours the only way to keep up with txting teenagers.