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How much do I love ‘Modern Family’?


So much that I sat through the dribbled-out, promo-heavy, mostly-content-free world of ABC’s “Good Morning America” (oh, how I hate those morning network “news” shows) just so I could watch the cast of this hit comedy do a plug for tonight’s “Modern Family” season finale.

It’s a great show — and thanks to my friends Robbie and Samantha for getting me hooked on it. Truth be told, it’s been a couple of years since I developed anything resembling a crush on a new sitcom. The writing is so smart, the acting great and the characters a treat. Can’t wait for tonight’s show. Any fellow fans out there? What was your favorite episode from this season? (I loved the one in which Cameron and Gloria go out for dinner in her old neighborhood and he brazenly tries to keep up with her eating spicy food: “I feel like I ate the sun!” he cries.)

Responses to "How much do I love ‘Modern Family’?"

Enrique Meza says:

This so is definitely one that I added to my directv season pass. And why don’t you have a DVR? You can skip all the annoying stuff that is alone is worth the price of admission. Take away all the commercials its a solid 20 min of LOL. I love it hate that the seasons over but looking forward to the next. If you haven’t had a chance to catch an episode hop on Hulu and do yourself a favor.

I’ve only caught bits and pieces of this, but loved it every time (now if only I could remember when it’s actually on). Love the episode with the guy meeting up with an old flame from Facebook.

MF says:

Great show!! Wife and I enjoy every bit of it.. DVR is the way to go for all shows! Ty Burrell has got to be one of the best characters in recent memory. His profile is probably the one that best resembles most husbands/fathers in his age demographic out there!

jb1979 says:

I think one of the funniest episodes of the season was the Valentine’s episode where Phil and Claire were “roll playing” in the hotel bar and then Clarie’s coat got stuck in the escalator with nothing on underneath the coat.

Fan says:

Love watching episodes on the iPad. ABC’s free app is delicious.

Just re-watched the Hawaii episodes. Those are my current favorites.

Jennifer says:

This show is great! I tell everyone about it, easily my favorite new show of last season. Not many shows can make me laugh out loud when I’m watching by myself and this one usually does. Mitchell and Cameron are the best, I love when Cameron makes Mitchell go to Costco and he ended up LOVING it.

Jasmine says:

Love this show. Pretty much had given up on sitcoms, but this cast and writing is so good. I’m trying to pick a favorite episode but it’s hard. The whole Christmas ep with Cam, Mitchell, and the carolers was pretty epic.

I love Modern Family. This is one of those shows where you wonder why it took so long for it to arrive and now can’t imagine tv without it. The characters are well written and very well acted by this talented ensemble. I agree, it’s so difficult to choose a favorite episode, they’ve all been so funny! Looking forward to tonight.

Randomdandy says:

This show is the real deal. The writing is slick, funny even touching and rarely disappoints. The characters are believable and the acting is first rate. Great, great fun.

Joanna says:

I love love love this show. First time since Arrested Development that I’ve been really into a comedy. I think the Valentine’s Day episode is one of my favorites.

Linda says:

I love this show! My favorite episode was the one when Cam took Mitchell to Costco… I’m laughing just thinking about it!

Genevieve says:

LOVE this show! It’s a must watch (after being recorded on the DVR) for me. The only thing that equals the joy I get watching it is Glee.