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Not great news for the Tower District


Is it too one-dimensional and conflict-based to think in terms of a north-vs.-south mentality when it comes to Fresno? Sure. But I can’t help it sometimes. Those were my first thoughts upon reading this “Word on the Street” item in today’s Bee business section:

After 16 years of running Silva Designs hair salon in the Tower District, the owners are consolidating the business into Planet Hair, the other salon they own in the River Park shopping center … Marlena Silva said her stylist husband — who split his time between the two locations — found his Tower District clients were increasingly asking for appointments at the north Fresno location.

“Clients like to go to get their hair done, and then they like to go do other things: have lunch, go shopping — River Park is the place to do that,” she said.

Sure, businesses come and go. But this one seemed to be a special case in that it had branches both north and south — and the north won out.

Responses to "Not great news for the Tower District"

Michael Medrano says:

With or without hair, the Tower District will always be there!

MsJoey says:

Ditto to what Michael said!

Talullah says:

I guess I’m just as bad because I had the very same thoughts upon reading the article. I rolled my eyes and said, “of course”. Whatever. The majority of the people I know hang out north or north-east. I will always be loyal to the Tower. I was born, raised and schooled in the Tower. It is what it is and I LOVE IT!

ed says:

it is unfortunate when businesses close, and i’m learning that i should think that way when local businesses close in any part of fresno. hopefully someplace can take it’s place without too much transition time.

Whitney says:

That is bad news for Tower but maybe something will take their place and will be great.
I was driving down Olive today and I saw RetroRag was closed, gone, and had a ‘For Rent’ sign in the window. Is it gone? Please tell me they just moved.

Jasmine says:

I noticed that a couple of weeks ago too! Hope whoever comes in next is good.

PGC says:

An ice cold beer sure does sound good about this time !!!

Fresnan says:

Well, Echo tried this too.

ed says:

retro rag closed down their physical, brick & mortar store. they still have an online ebay store.

Carol says:

It is sad when any business chooses to sell out to the River Park machine instead of staying in our older neighborhoods and keeping that economy alive. People can have lunch and go shopping in Tower too, but if you want big box store & trendy crap, yes you have to go up there. There are many of us who still refuse to shop in north Fresno and will continue to spend our money in our neighborhoods. This is exactly why Fresno is dying. It is very very sad.