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What did you do this weekend?

I had a full Fresno weekend — and the fact the weather was gorgeous made it even better.

On Friday night I went to see the opening of “Time Again in Oz,” the new musical at Fresno State. (I’ll be posting my review by tomorrow.)

On Saturday afternoon it was the annual Fig Garden Home Tour. Ah, the joys of putting on little blue booties and tramping through the houses of people who have a lot more disposable income than I. Best house: a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired modernist oasis of light on Santa Ana Avenue.

Then, early Saturday evening, it was a packed house at Starline for Swede Fest. My faves: “Back to the Future” (by Luke Moritz & Nick Blanchard), “Chicago” (by Jessika Satori), “Pulp Fiction” (by Kevin Searcy) and “Forrest Gump” (by Heather McLane and James McLane). Most embarrassing moment: When I mistook a woman with red hair sitting in front of me as Heather, tapped her on the shoulder from behind and then pivoted around to face her with a big “Hi, Heather!”, only to discover she was Not Heather. Sheepish, I retreated to my corner and wouldn’t even go to say hi to the real Heather when I spotted her in the audience.

And on Sunday afternoon, I made it out to the last performance of “Havin’ a Hot Flash” at the Tower Theatre, where I was very much outnumbered in the audience by women who have experienced said phenomenon. A review on that to come, too.

What fun stuff did you do?

Responses to "What did you do this weekend?"

Heather says:

Oh, Donald. That really was me, I was just pretending I didn’t know you.

I’m always jealous of your weekend wrap-ups. You always manage to jam a lot of fun Fresno stuff into your weekends, while I manage to jam a lot of sleep and watching T.V. into mine.

Donald Munro says:

But you made a Swede, and I didn’t.

Mike Oz says:

I’m quite sad I missed the Swede Fest — but I had family (including a motor-mouth 7-year-old brother) in town. Aside from lots of Fresno touring, we did manage to take in Friday night’s Grizzlies game, which was an amazing ninth-inning win by the Griz.

The “Back to the Future” swede was great. I can’t wait to check out the rest.

brodiemash says:

Glad you had a good time! Thanks for coming out to the event, sir!

Tiffiny says:

Friends and I went to the roller derby downtown. This is the second time I’ve been, and it’s always fun!

marcel says:

Did our show “Pho For The Soul” on both Friday & Saturday nights at the Broken Leg.

Did catch the Swede Fest on Saturday.

Barbecued as the rain fell on Sunday.

MF says:

Wife and I ventured out to Downtown Merced and enjoyed a 2 hour+ set by Bay area dj..Audio1.. It was a breath of fresh air both locale and music wise..
Saturday was Little League Day at the Chuk, took the family and my nephew out to the park for a game..
Even though the rain tried to spoil Mother’s Day, it was still a nice day of relaxation and good time spent with family..
Tired.. but will be at Audie’s tonight!

the swede fest was a lot of fun. it was really great to see an entry from spain (and i loved it). heather, your entree again was gold. your husband is so hilarious. i am definitely going to start planning a swede; either using one of my bands to swede blues brothers, or maybe doing purple rain or la bamba

Heather says:

Thanks for the kind words. Actually, James is my brother.

I highly recommend making a swede — it’s good fun.

well then, your brother is so freaking hilarious. i loved the ferris bueller you guys did

Heather says:

Again, thank you very much. I’ll be sure to pass the compliment along to James.

Mike Oz says:

Heather, I thought your husband James was super funny too. Well done to the both of you.

Donald Munro says:

Forgot to mention that a quesadilla was ordered at my table at Livingstone’s — in direct response to Marcel’s Swede. Talk about the power of images.

Heather says:

Thanks, Mike. I would have liked to have seen your husband, Bauer, in a swede, but maybe next time.

Heather says:

How was it? The quesadillas have gotten so dry and gross, I actually haven’t bothered to eat there in over a month.

Mike Oz says:

Next time! I have it all planned out — in my head, at least.

Donald Munro says:

Not like the quesadillas of lore, unfortunately. Less energetic. But I can say that I still love the ‘Stones dinner salad — piled high with lots of yummy raisins, carrots, croutons, etc.

Is there somewhere online we can see the Swedes if we missed them?

I went to a Grizzlies game last weekend for the first time in years. I’d forgotten how much fun they are and how little sports knowledge you need to enjoy the game

brodiemash says:

Yep! You can watch all the entries for Swede Fest 5 over here on Dumb Drum and you can see previous entries here at the official Swede Fest site as well!

Andrew says:

I had a busy day Saturday. Went to the Shinzen Gardens to take pictures and watch the volunteers prune the trees. There was one badass hanging over the lake by a system of ropes.

Took a nap and then went to Swede Fest (I think I was standing right behind The Donald) and laughed my butt off. Dumb Drum’s retro New Line logo homage made me laugh when nobody else did.

Grabbed a polish from Tower Dogs right after and made it just in time for the roller derby match to meet some new out of town friends. Fresno was behind in the first half, but dominated the second half for a solid victory. Also, the cupcakes for sale were crazy-good.

Finished off the night by having delicious apple cobbler and a couple glasses of port (I think they poured half the bottle into my glass) at Trelio in Clovis. Good times.

Fher says:

Went out to Audie’s Olympic on Friday and Saturday to watch Dave Gleason and the Golden Cadillacs. Pure California country at its finest. They should be back around in July and I suggest going to catch them.