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The friendly skies

Today’s random theme is Airplanes. Why? Because I could find four airplane-related stories to link to. The first is an op-ed column by Steve Geil, president and CEO of the Fresno County Economic Development Corp, that ran today in The Bee. The column basically says: Go FYI! Be thankful our city has upgraded its airport, because it’s going to get brutal out there in the years ahead, and some smaller cities will actually lose their airports.

For those of you jonesing for Southwest to come to Fresno, keep this in mind, Geil writes:

The airport doesn’t choose the airline. The airline chooses the airport, and unless a local community utilizes its airport at a certain frequency level, which means “seats on the plane,” airlines will not expand service to that particular market, no matter how well operated.

Meanwhile, one of the big stories on Page A1 today is a report that United Airlines and US Airways are thinking of merging. Considering that both are major players in Fresno (or at least their regional carriers are), I’m wondering what impact that will have on the local market.

Other airplane weirdness: Florida-based Spirit Airlines announced it will begin charging passengers as much as $45 for each piece of carry-on luggage.

And: Here’s a link to what some people are calling the world’s funniest passenger complaint letter about this “meal” on Virgin Airlines pictured below:


Responses to "The friendly skies"

Kathy Mahan says:

That letter is so funny.

Beth says:

I loved the complaint letter. Very creative writing. The photos were great.

I am not looking forward to US Airways and United merging.
I fly US Airway multiple times a year. For the most, part I have always been happy with their service. If they merge with United, I will most likely switch to a different airlines.
United is the worst airline I have ever flown. I’ve experienced the most delays and had poor service, every time I flew with them.

I sure miss Frontier. When they flew out of FYI I used them. They have the best service and nicer planes. It’s a shame they left.

Pook says:

Man, you’d think he’d just be happy to be getting the heck out of Mumbai! I’ve flown Virgin America cross country, but that was also during their big kickoff for American service. So the plane was crazy nice. New screens, all that good stuff. And, while the food on the flight wasn’t exactly making me drool, they did have a decent cheese and fruit packet/plate that only marginally tasted of whatever industrial plastic wrap Airport chefs seems to swear by.

I really like his Christmas allegory though. I’ve once used the same premise to describe my disappointment over Irene’s eggs benedict. Well, that and the idea that breakfast can also be just like an unfaithful mate.