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Breaking: ‘Wicked’ is coming to Fresno

An email announcement will go out to subscribers today. The national tour of “Wicked” will play at the Saroyan Theatre April 6-17, 2011. The news was up earlier today on the Broadway in Fresno Web site, although as of 3 p.m. it appears to have been taken down.


As far as I know, this will be the first time that a major musical has played in Fresno for nearly two weeks. (“Les Miserables” played for eight shows in 1993 and six shows in 1996.)

Check out the other titles in the season: “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Color Purple,” “Legally Blonde,” “Spamalot.” Lots of exciting stuff.

The Broadway in Fresno producers plan to offer a special press event next month at the Saroyan Theatre to hype the upcoming season. “Wicked” cast members are expected to attend.

Responses to "Breaking: ‘Wicked’ is coming to Fresno"

Jasmine says:

AWESOME! I will definitely try to see at least 3 of those.

BJ says:

INCREDIBLE! This has to be one of the BEST seasons yet! It’s the first time I plan to see ALL of the shows, not just two or three. Way to go Lexus & the Broadway Series! YOU ROCK!

Tanya says:

AMAZING season!!! I’m already way too excited for Spamalot :)

Sabrina F says:

This is amazing! I hope we can go. I wonder what is involved in becoming a season subscriber & how much the tickets will be.

Trisha says:

This is the BEST news ever!!! I saw Wicked 3 years ago in LA, and I’ve been wanting to see it again! Sooo excited! This whole next season looks amazing!!!

Barry Falke says:

Best season EVER!! hands down! Season tickets here we come!

Hooray!! I’ve seen this show twice and can’t wait to see it again, right here in Fresno. “Wicked” fans, please check out the Oz conference to be held at Fresno State May 14-16, 2010, featuring the author of WICKED (the book), Gregory Maguire. See at or call 559 278-8116. Ozzy best wishes, Angelica Carpenter, President, International Wizard of Oz Club

Stanley says:

I hope it happens, will they cancel the shows in Toledo,Ohio?

Mike Oz says:

Am I invited? Is there a panel I can be on?

Donald Munro says:

Those are dates for April 2010. Fresno will get “Wicked” in April 2011.

Zara says:

Oh, my gosh, Donald. Can I start camping out NOW for tickets?? Hope it’s true.
Soooo excited!