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Attention ‘Avenue Q’ fans


UPDATE: Our winner is Jon Hurtado.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Help me out here, will you? I have the opportunity to “interview” any of the puppet characters in “Avenue Q” in advance of the national tour coming to the Saroyan Theatre Feb. 23 and 24. But I can’t decide which one to pick!

So I’m taking a poll. Let me know which “Avenue Q” character I should interview — and give me a question or two you’ve always been dying to know the answer to. As an incentive, I’ll pick one person at random from among those who comment on this post to award TWO orchestra-seat tickets to the 7:30 p.m. Feb. 23 performance. (And get this: the freebie tickets are in Row Q. How appropriate.)

Our usual giveaway rules apply, so if you’ve won something within the past 30 days, you aren’t eligible for the prize. (But you can still vote in the poll — just indicate in your comment that you’re a recent prize winner.) No repeat comments, please. You’ll need to pick up your tickets at The Bee’s front lobby. Complete rules after the jump. Deadline for ticket giveaway: 5 p.m. Friday.

In the meantime, also on the jump, I’ll provide a primer of the “Avenue Q” characters for those of you who haven’t memorized the lyrics to “The Internet is for Porn.”



Princeton: A naïve college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in English, looking for his purpose in life. In an on/off relationship with Kate.



Kate Monster: A feisty, romantic kindergarten teaching assistant who falls in love with Princeton. Her dream in life is to open a school for monsters due to having been subjected to anti-monster prejudice throughout her life.



Rod: A closeted Republican investment banker. He is secretly in love with Nicky. A parody of Bert from Sesame Street.



Nicky: Rod’s sweet, yet messy and jobless roommate. A parody of Ernie from Sesame Street.



Trekkie Monster: A Cookie Monster-parody, addicted to Internet porn instead of cookies. It is later revealed that he has acquired large sums of money from investing in pornography.



Lucy The Slut:
A sexy, promiscuous night club singer. She seduces Princeton and subsequently leaves him, and in the process is sent to the hospital after Kate unintentionally drops a penny on her head from the top of the Empire State Building. She later becomes a born-again Christian and reaffirms her chastity.



Mrs. Thistletwat: Kate’s unpleasant, racist boss and kindergarten teacher.



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Responses to "Attention ‘Avenue Q’ fans"

SarahKate says:

I vote Princeton or Kate Monster. The descriptions remind me of Jim & Pam from The Office. Kind of. *pick me pick me I hope I win*

Bella says:

Question for Trekkie Monster….do you prefer fur on fur porn?

Danny says:

I’m throwing my vote in for Trekkie Monster.

Trekkie, what were your childhood aspirations before you discovered porn?
Also, seeing as you’re “Trekkie” Monster I’ll ask the age old question, Who is the better Captain, Kirk or Picard?


Andrew says:

You should pick Princeton because he looks like Jim Henson’s Charles In Charge in that picture. I don’t have any interesting questions, because I don’t really know much about the musical. Perhaps “Why should I see this musical?” (Though the obvious answer seems to be: puppets and porn. Win-win!)

Michael says:

Question 1 for Princeton:Why haven’t you asked Kate Monster to be your steady relationship?

Question 2 for Rod: Why haven’t you told Nicki how you feel about him?

Ashley says:

Oh, please. You HAVE to interview Rod!!! There’s so much fodder for innuendo! A republican puppet??? You could ask him about his favorite book, “Broadway Musicals of the 1940′s.” You can ask about his “Pal Joey.” :) And if he’s ever considered collecting paperclips.

Zeke says:

Lucy the Slut: Do you think Lady Gaga could be considered a role model? From which famous person do you model your life after?

Ace says:

Trekkie: Since the only safe investment in a volatile market is porn, how diversified is your portfolio? Long term winners and losers in this market?

BJ says:

Rod – I’d like to know more about his ‘girlfriend who lives in Canada”.

(I’m not eligible for the prize).

hootzie says:

The Bad Idea Bears…what’s the worst idea they’ve ever had? The best?

Kristy says:

Definintely Lucy the slut. Who was the strongest female role model in her life when she was a child?

Jon says:

Please ask Rod where should one invest his money during these tough times and would you support Palin if she ran for president?

Allwino says:

Mrs. Thistletwat – Do you just teach kindergarten so your students don’t full understand your last name? And where does the racism stem from?

Clarissa says:

Would you please interview Lucy The Slut and ask her what recommendations she would have for a person who dates online.

Kelly says:

Kate Monster. Ask her if she feels Monsters can ever really be free of prejudice, discrimination and racism. Ask her if having an African American president makes her feel that there is more hope in the world for universal equality!

I vote for Lucy, ask her if she has any tips for someone wanting to become a night club singer?

Polly says:

Princeton. Ask him if his one night stand wass worth it with Lucy and what he learned from his experience…..

wayne stonecipher says:

Trekkie Monster – When traveling city to city on tour for the show. What is the craziest back stage story can you share that has happened. Are there any puppet groupies?

Jasmine says:

How do you get to be a kindergarten teacher with a name like Thistletwat? haha.

Does anyone know if they still do student rush for shows at the Saroyan?? I really want to see this, but low on funds.

Kathy Lustica says:

Yes, there is a student discount. Go to the box office with I.D. at 700 M Street M-F 10am-6pm. Tickets are $15 plus a box office fee in the last four rows of the balcony. Hope you can make the show.