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To-do Tonight: ‘Lord of the Dance’


At this point I figure that everyone on the face of the planet with even the slightest interest in “Riverdance”-style entertainment has had their fill of Irish clogging, but the phenomenon rolls on. This time it’s Michael Flatley’s “Lord of the Dance,” which opens the Broadway in Fresno season 7:30 p.m. tonight at the Saroyan Theatre. I’m not going to review the show because I saw it when it came here in 2005, and, frankly, I think I’m good for another 15 or 20 years, but I’ll start a post this afternoon for reader reviews.

Responses to "To-do Tonight: ‘Lord of the Dance’"

lattlay fottfoy says:

“At this point I figure that everyone on the face of the planet who had even the slightest interest in “Riverdance”-style entertainment would have had their fill of Irish clogging,” he sniffed.

Anonymous says:

I just came from watching most of “Lord of the Dance.” I say most because I couldn’t stand to stay for the entire performance. The dancing was expectedly good, but that’s it. There was no live band, no narrator, no free program and the costumes were horrific. During one scene the girls wore 2-piece neon spandex costumes, and during another dance tore off their dresses as if they were strippers! They used way too much make-up (bright red lipstick) and Dolly Parton wigs while acting like temptresses on stage. The red sparkling outfits with slits up the sides…excuse me, no self-respecting Irish girl would dress like that. It was a glittsey Americanized version of what used to be a cultural standard. Thumbs down.

Jeannie says:

I also saw Lord of the Dance on Tuesday and I was very pleased with the performance, I enjoyed the singing and the fiddle players mixed in between the dances they did a wonderful job. The dancers did a great job interacting with the audience; one dancer even came off stage… the audience loved it!

These are professional dancers and they put in many hours of practice and performing. As far as the wigs and makeup go, they are on stage just like any actor or actress, theatre makeup is a must.

The stage design and the way the lighting was done was fantastic. As far as a live band, Riverdance has a live band, but they are hidden behind a curtain so you really don’t see them. The music was great and I noticed the audience was really enjoying the performance. I give Lord of the Dance a thumbs up and can’t wait for them to come back.