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To-Do Tonight Part 2: ArtHop, free ‘Capitalism,’ Musica Viva


Mike Oz already gave you some great options for tonight. Here are a few more:

“CAPITALISM”: See it for free at 7:30 p.m. at Edwards. Director Michael Moore explains on his Web site:

To kick off the national release of “Capitalism: A Love Story,” I’ve asked the studio to offer a number of screenings in the nation’s hardest hit cities — the ones with the highest unemployment rates and highest foreclosure rates — where those who’ve lost their jobs or who are in foreclosure (or have already been evicted) may attend my film free of charge. They’ve agreed, and so tonight (Thursday), the night before our opening day, ten cities will grant you free admission if you have fallen on hard times. The list of theaters and cities is below. You don’t need to bring any “proof” of your situation — just show up — it’s the honor system, no questions asked.

My review of “Capitalism” is in Friday’s 7 section, but it’s already moved on the national McClatchy wire. Here’s a sneak peek from the Kansas City Star.


ARTHOP: There are plenty of art options tonight at October ArtHop, the monthly open house of galleries, studios and museums in the downtown/Tower area. A couple of picks:

Corridor 2122: Aimee Dent will be showing. The name of her show is “Process-It, Practice-It, Post-It.” As a way to bring more discipline to her artistic practice the artist set a goal of drawing everyday for the month of September, like going to a job. To further extend the job comparison she used common office stationary items for the media, Post-It notes and black and red pens. A daily journal was kept and excerpts from it will be on display with the Post-It drawing.

Elaine Art 003AA.JPG

Fig Tree Gallery: Painter Elaine Lynn continues her emphasis on overpopulation with a show titled “My Habitat.” (One of her works is above.) She writes: “During my lifetime world population has grown from two billion to almost seven billion people. Like bank accounts that grow exponentially, increasing proportionally to what is already there…doubling, redoubling and doubling again ..numbers of people will grow in our children’s life span that will flood the worlds supply of resources beyond repair.”

Gallery 25: Valerie Runningwolf’s mixed-media show “Spirit of the Age” is a “view of our time depicting both the things that spiral out of control and those that we find a way to heal.”

K-JWL Art Gallery: Larry Hill and Tom Greteman are two contemporary abstract artists displaying abstract works. They’re joined by metal sculpturist Andrew Ferrales.

Spectrum Gallery: This month’s show is a prelude to the gallery’s annual print auction, a major fundraiser.


MUSICA VIVA: This chamber group performs at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, 2101 North Fruit Avenue, at 7:30 p.m. On the program:compositions by Glière, Klein, Lidl, Martinu, Massonneau and Ott. Free admission.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight Part 2: ArtHop, free ‘Capitalism,’ Musica Viva"

mdub420 says:

if i was jobless, the last thing I would want to do is watch a movie about Capitalism. i would probably blow my head off in the theatre, but not before i took everyone out in that thing.

David Jansen says:

mdub420: If you knew the premise of “Capitalism: A Love Story,” you might understand how those who have lost their jobs or homes will find the documentary cathartic and supportive.