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Tonight: Ume, Ozmosis Happy Hour and more

If you’re looking for cool live music tonight, the place to be is Audie’s Olympic in the Tower, which hosts Austin rock band Ume,¬†whom I’ve heard a lot of good things about. Two strong local bands back them up — Light Thieves, the new cool-indie-rockers-of-the-moment in Fresno and Style Like Revelators, a quality bluesy-rock band.


Hella shameless self promo here, but my Ozmosis Happy Hour #2 is tonight at Swiggs. There’s sports on the TVs, Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Co’s “Steal the Shirt” night and lots of giveaways — including tickets for this weekend’s NOtown Roller Derby bout and Sergio Romo bobbleheads courtesy of the Fresno Grizzlies.

Here are a few more things you might dig happening tonight — including drag queen beer pong:


Responses to "Tonight: Ume, Ozmosis Happy Hour and more"

Erica says:

Dear Mike OZ, You have never been to a Light Thieves show have you? I’m pretty sure you have not. Why not come out tonight? We’ll put you on guest list. This way you can actually write a description with substance about the Light Thieves. Bland generalized journalism is not a healthy tactic if you are trying to promote this show. Thanks! =)

Nor is this a healthy tactic to promote your band. =)

Danielle says:

Hahaha…word. I’d have been pretty happy with the description you gave, even (especially?) if I assumed you’d never seen my band before.

It’s not like I write essays in these quick “tonight” posts.

Erica says:

I was out of place and spoke on my own thoughts, Mike. My apologies on behalf of Light Thieves

Greg says:

Wow. Given the attitudes on display, think I’ll skip the openers and show up on time for the headliner. :(

Jasmine says:

Oh c’mon, she misspoke and apologized. It’s understandable to be defensive about a project you’re passionate about when you feel it’s been maligned. Not that I’m saying it was. I guess “indie rockers of the moment” could be interpreted as “flash in the pan-ish”. Anyway, Light Thieves put on a great show, play great music, and are made up of genuinely cool/nice people. Two cents for what it’s worth.

For what it’s worth, my only intention was to compliment the band and say that they’re “hot” right now.

Jasmine says:

I think it’s worth a lot. I ended up going, and UME was AMAZING. Thanks for posting about it.

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