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McEwen vs. Hannity


Last week we had a Beehive post announcing that Sean Hannity would trek out to a fallow field on the west side of the Valley and broadcast his Fox show from there. That post sparked a lot of spirited comments from readers. So is Bee columnist Bill McEwen’s column taking on Hannity that ran in Sunday’s paper. It’s a great read. Check it out. I think Bill scored a knockout.

Responses to "McEwen vs. Hannity"

b2burns says:

Bill should transmit his column to Sean and invite a facatual rebuttal.

Ted Blumberg says:

What a sad old man this is. Is he near retirement? His liberal bias interferes with any objective analysis of this man-made water catastrophe. No wonder the Fresno Bee is having financial problems! But I see Obama is going to bail out failing newspapers now. So even though Fresno County will loose farmers and residents to the Delta smelt, they will still have a state supported, state supporting newspaper.

Cristobal says:

Ted, I read this exact same comment in the comments section of the article itself!

Anywho, I don’t know if the article actually reeks of liberal bias. It seems pretty level-headed to me. But just for comparison, can you point me to another article with objective lean that you approve of?

Abe Frohman says:

Anyone would be hard-pressed to find that Hannity has ever been factually correct on any topic. A recent example from Obamas address where he stated that insurance executives weren’t “bad people” because they push for higher rates. Guess who was on the same night? Hannity saying in no uncertain terms that Obama called Insurance Executives “Bad People” this is a relatively minor distortion but it is indictive of his overall aversion to any factual reporting. Only the intellectually challenged actually follow this completely worthless person.
Oh, Ted you’re aversion to intellectual fact-based discussions is apparent in your choice of “heroe’s.” You don’t even realize that you are making Mcewen’s point for him. Bias?? The irony in your post would be laughable if it wasn’t so disturbing, and sad that you actually typed thosewords without careful thought!

blake says:

I enjoyed his editorial. He didn’t flinch from the fact that:
1) there is a problem
2) a solution will mean compromises on all sides

plus, it was nice that he pointed out that Obama didn’t invent this problem (gasp!).

and yeah, it does seem that some local ‘celebrity/politicians’ really just like to be on TV or radio.

and some people still love to think in the simplicity of bumpersticker slogans.

soddruntlestuntle says:

Hannity is a tool. Just like Glen Beck, Laura Ingram, and Rush Limbaugh– all short on the facts, but heavy on the bombast… to hear them tell it, America was Shangri-La until that Obama feller stole the election… what is it about Republicans that they enjoy being bludgeoned with right-wing garbage daily by their talk show hosts?

mdub420 says:

republicans vs democrats, right vs left, black vs white, power vs money, rich vs poor, what the hell does it matter anyways. this country is going to go to crap no matter who’s running it.

Renee Westa-Lusk says:

I found the Bill McEwen Editorial refreshing. It put out a great historical summary of what really happened and the real facts of the making of this California water crisis. What don’t the critics and Mr. Hannity understand about a 3 year draught? I also did not hear during the whole show the fact that the water pumps had been turned on since June 30th. To me these people were arguing a point that no longer matters totally denying that our state is in a very severe draught, the current water system was only designed to meet the needs of 22 million people population plus the agriculture and fishing industries during normal rainfall and that all has changed with a population of 38 million and much expanded agriculture and fishing industries

pk says:

To score a knockout you have to be IN a fight….that didn’t happen…this was a one-sided retort…

Second….the issue is AGRICULTURE and WATER….and if you want to now import food from countries that do not have the regs in place that we do to help insure a safe supply of quality food then you will continue to ignore the water supply issue….does it really matter who brings it to the conversation? With this group I guess so….so agriculture be damned….!

Donald Munro says:

I’d respond to your point, but my mouth is full of a big bite of cotton sandwich.

Ted Blumberg says:

As a result of Tuesday’s Senate vote, it is now official that the man-made Delta smelt water crisis affecting the San Joaquin Valley is a partisan polictical issue with Repbulicans for the farmers and restoring irrigation and Democrats for the environmentalists and turning the pumps off again in a few months. These political postures will need to be highlighted in the coming months by talk show hosts and editorial writers. The Valley is officially at war with the Democrat majority!
See the Bee news article which is somewhat hidden:

Hey, as long at there’s *some* kind of war.

I hear that’s the best way to get people to work together and get positive things done for one’s community.

Keep on spewin’—keep on dividin’ up—I’m sure it’ll help us grow to a new and happier America.

mdub420 says:

N.Korea should just nuke this country already and then we can start all over from scratch.

Bill Eastman says:

This was one of the most telling and important political maneuvers of the decade! Senators Boxer and Feinstein were forced to crawl out from under their environmental rocks and vote NO to giving farmers a 1 year reprieve from the irrigation ban placed on them by whacko environmental judges in favor of the Delta smelt. Ironically, Feinstein and the Democrats voted unanimously for a similar manuever in 2003 for New Mexico. This man-made water catastrophe in California is getting legs and now has national support. Democrats who turn their backs on farmers and Latinos aren’t being ambushed by their constituents–they are being implored to stop the insanity and place human lives above fish.
Thank you Senator DeMint of South Carolina for your intervention! Now California has a pair in Washington!