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Opening reception for ’100 Faces’

For those who aren’t in a theater mood this weekend, here’s an arts pick: Marcos Dorado’s long-awaited photo exhibit “100 Faces of Fresno,” which has its official opening 4-6 p.m. Saturday at Arte Americas. The show runs through Sept. 24. Here are two images in the show of local personalities:

New Image.JPG

It’s not quite Guess the Celeb, because we should all know the gal on the right, but do y’all recognize the guy on the left?

Responses to "Opening reception for ’100 Faces’"

Donovan Byrn, of course!

Mike Oz says:

I know it’s supposed to be Ashley Swearengin, but it looks more like Lois Griffin from “Family Guy,” if you ask me.

Kathy Mahan says:

Does anyone else think Ashley’s portrait looks weird — like she has a gigantic head and anorexic body?

MsJoey says:

Man, You guys are ruthless!!!!
If you’re gonna insult an artist, don’t do it on a forum like this!
You can think it, even whisper it to your friends, but this is a project that Marcus has been working on for over a year!
But yeah I think we all probably thought the same thing.

Mike Oz says:

I wasn’t trying to mean to Marcos … I just thought it also looked like the Family Guy mom. Guess I never noticed that Ashley kinda looks like her.

I got a bunch of respect for the breadth of Marcos’ project and the dedication it took.

I will say that the picture of Donavan is a bullseye.

blake says:

Having Lois as Mayor still completely rocks over having Bubba.

Bear Campbell says:

Well Marcos my friend, It’s been a long and difficult project but it is finally here. I was very honored when you asked me to pose for you for this project. We’ve only been friends for a short time but it seems like a long time. I always looked forward to our conversations at Borders, Barnes & Nobles and Starbucks. Looking forward to the opening tonight. Take care and always ride safe on you bike. Bear

cory zamora says:

well, this artist came to my studio to sketch and photograph me,3 times, and then dumped me from the show. not an e mail or call to inform me…did not return contact.a lot of people , as myself thought they were going to this show.
i believe in karma.