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Donald’s weekend picks


There are a couple of interesting artist receptions taking place on Saturday:

SPECTRUM GALLERY: Berkeley-based photographer Rondal Partridge, pictured, who at 91 is still a working artist, sure knows the way to Fresno. He came here in late May for his exhibition at the Fresno Art Museum, and now he’s returning on Saturday for a reception at Spectrum Art Gallery titled “Quizzical Eye: Seeing Through the Lens of Rondal Partridge.” You can read my advance story in Friday’s 7 section.

In his long career, John Yoyogi Fortes has made some WILD paintings — including one depicting an eviscerated Porky Pig that I highlight in my Sunday Spotlight column. The Vallejo-based artist will be at Corridor 2122 from 1-4 p.m. Saturday for an artist’s reception. I couldn’t slip an image of Porky Pig’s guts spilling all over the floor into the print edition of the paper, but after the jump you can see Fortes’ “Re-Cognition/Sacrifice Towards Preservation,” which incorporates the author’s fascination with pop-culture appropriations, violent images and allusions to his Filipino cultural heritage, in all its colorful glory.

Preservation 96_x78_.JPG

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Natalia Amor says:

i didn´t know Partridge´s work. Really amazing black and white pictures he did. I hope see somtheing in Berlin.
Nice blog!

That’s a really cool work. Actually it’s the first time I hear about him..and i want to know more!