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Way to go, Rick!

Via Beehive commenter couchlock: My movie colleague and fellow Beehiver Rick Bentley gave the New York Times inspiration for the entire lead paragraph of a story that moved this afternoon on the wire:

LOS ANGELES — “If Eddie Murphy’s career were an injured horse, it would be shot and the carcass buried in the remotest part of the desert to ensure no one ever stumbled upon it.”

That harsh sentence, written on June 12 by Rick Bentley in The Fresno Bee in California, is as good an example as any of the prevailing sentiment about Mr. Murphy these days. With two big flops in a row (“Imagine That” and “Meet Dave”), another risky project on the way (“A Thousand Words”) and a diva reputation, people seem to be confused. Why does Hollywood keep hiring this man?

Memo to Rick: I wouldn’t accept any invitations to Murphy’s secluded mountain cabin if I were you.

Responses to "Way to go, Rick!"

Kathy Mahan says:

And just think, that’s not even the harshest criticism from Rick lately (he says it’s a really bad summer so far). This is what he said about “Year One:” It’s “worthy of nothing more than to serve as a buffet for dung beetles — and even dung beetles probably have higher standards.”