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Win tickets to ‘The Rocky Horror Show’

Are you ready to do the Time Warp again?

When Artists’ Repertory Theatre presented the stage version of “The Rocky Horror Show” in 2008 at the Severance Theatre at California Arts Academy, it was a smash success. People flocked for tickets. Now the same “Rocky” is back, with some new faces and new costumes, and it’s sure to be a big event. You can look for my cover story in Friday’s 7 section.

In the meantime, let’s give away some tickets! I’m giving two pairs of tickets to the opening weekend of “Rocky Horror” (either 8 p.m. Friday or Saturday, your choice). To enter, leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite “Rocky Horror” character. I’ll select two comments at random as winners. Deadline is 3 p.m. Thursday. If you enter, please remember to check your email, because that’s how I’ll be notifying winners. Tickets will be available at Will Call. Complete rules are on the jump.

(Can you believe that’s Brian Pucheu, above, as Riff Raff? Quite the stretch from “Calamity Jane,” wouldn’t you say? Bee photo by Mark Crosse.)


Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. Winners will be picked at random. Recipients will be notified by e-mail at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "Win tickets to ‘The Rocky Horror Show’"

Terry says:

Riff Raff

Jasmine says:

gah, so hard to pick one fave! BUT Magenta, I want to be Magenta. Definitely on my Halloween bucket list.

Audra says:


TimY says:

Janet Weiss

Kristin C says:


Jojo says:

Sounds like a fun evening! I’d love to go

Jeanette says:

Brad Majors!

Lisa T. says:

Frank-N-Furter, of course.

Eric says:

Have to go with Frank-N-Furter

Zee says:

Riff raff is my favorite! Would love to see it!

KY says:

Frank N Furter is my favorite please pick me.

John says:

Magenta for sure!

Nicholas D. says:

I’ve never seen this show, so I don’t have a favorite but I would love to watch it then report back on my favorite character.

Maritza Leon says:


Aileen Imperatrice says:

The Narrator! He drives the show!

Selina says:

I love Brad!

Janet says:

I love Janet!!! I want to win!

Amy says:


Alexy says:

Janet….of course!

Nina Hageman says:

I would have to say Magenta, especially since I used to dress up as her back in the day when RHPS was playing at the UA theater in Fresno, next to where FoodMaxx is now at on Bartsow/Blackstone. I even was on the news for it and played her briefly while it was shown at the Tower theater. I miss those days. Magenta is the best IMO :) Good luck to all, but I really hope I get lucky enough to win :)

Craig Miller says:

I’ll love to do the Time Warp again.
Magenta has a tender spot in my dark heart.

EG says:

I like Riff Raff. It is good to see this show being out on the stage. Good luck cast and crew.

Ben says:

Riff Raff says:

I loved the movie…my favorite is the Narrator.

JFH says:

I like the Frank guy character

Raul B. says:

Brad has definitely got to be my top favorite character from Rocky Horror.

Jennifer Martinez says:


Jennifer Riggs says:


IAN says:

Dr.Frank-n-Furter(in the film)
i love the way tim curry plays him so good, the insanity the sexuality ;)

John says:

Riff Raff, by far! I want to cosplay as him if I get to go. =D

Brittany hall says:

My favorite character is magenta! I love her :D

Nancy Baker says:

Saw the movie version with actors, always wanted to see the stage show!

Jill says:

Love Eddie all the way back to the 70s! says:


Beth Hall says:

Magenta! She is such a great character to watch! Every character in this show is awesome, but Magenta is a standout for me! Plus one of my bffs is playing her…so I may be a bit one sided :)

Natalie says:

So unbelievably hard to pick just one. I have been watching this movie my entire life but if I had to pick…It’s Dr. Frank-N-Furter hands down!!

Erin says:


Nancy Baker says:

Oops, list a character! Has to be Brad. That’s what my husband played! It’s also what found him his wife!

Jason says:

Dr. Frank-N-Furter is my favorite character! I don’t even feel like it’s a fair competition to the rest of the characters.

Kylie says:

Frank n Furter!

Cameron says:

Definitely Eddie!

Mike says:

I always liked Magenta.

Brandon says:


Clayton says:

I like Janet.

Dominic says:


Dave says:

Damnit, Janet.

Haley P. says:

Magenta because she is AWESOME! She is one of my dream roles that I want to play onstage! :D Pick me because I wanna do the TIME WARP!!

Judy P says:

Rift Raft! He is just so creepy!

Columbia Of Course! says:


Juan says:


Robin says:


Kiel says:

Dr. Frank-N-Furter or Rocky Horror

Haley P. says:

rift raft would be my second favorite!

Brent Moser says:

Eddie…if only because he has the best song. : )

joan levie says:

Frank n Furter makes the show

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