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Open thread: What did you do this weekend?

I, for one, managed a hybrid of inside stuff and outside stuff:

  • I went to the opening of “The Fantasticks” on Friday night at Severance Theatre. Look for my review by Tuesday.
  • I went shopping at Fashion Fair mall on Saturday afternoon with my parents (in town for a visit), and pondered an interesting tidbit. My mother pointed out that whenever she’s in a department store cosmetics area and walks past one of the fragrance reps offering free samples, they pointedly ignore her. She’s too old. Yet if a younger woman walks by next, the free-fragrance-hawkers are all over her like Britney Spears “Believe” perfume” at an eighth grade girls’ locker room. So, we did an experiment. We walked through Gottschalks and she got ignored. We walked down to the Macy’s women’s store and got ignored. The best was in the Macy’s men’s store, where one of the fragrance queens practically tripped over herself to offer a sample of something (and I’m not sure what, because weren’t we in the men’s store?) to a vivacious, dolled-up femme fatale-like 30something strolling in front of us. When Mom walked past, Ms. Macy looked her straight in the eye and glanced away. Funny stuff.
  • I went to “Tales from Ovid” on Saturday night at Fresno State. Look for my review by Tuesday.
  • On Sunday afternoon, I went to the Lone Oak Iris Ranch on Old Friant Road. The blooms are just starting to come out, and in a couple of weeks the view will be spectacular. It’s a great place: The owners let you wander the grounds looking at all the different varieties. Once I get my pics loaded, I’ll post one or two.

OK, your turn.

Responses to "Open thread: What did you do this weekend?"

marcel says:

Thanks for the reminder… yeah, a drive to the foothills this time of year is definitely on my agenda.

As for my activities… I was pretty much a homebody this weekend. Though I did do the “earth hour” thing. It was fun sitting in the dark slugging wine with crackers and cheese.

Cristobal says:

I got in a car wreck, played a show at Lucky 13, and helped destroy a kite. It was quite the eventful weekend.

Anthony Taylor says:

I was lucky enough to perform with the cast of Little Women for a weekend.

Donald Munro says:

@Cristobal: A car wreck? Yuck. Hope everyone was OK.

Heather says:

Donald, tell your mom she’s lucky. I’m starting to get ignored by the fragrance queens and the lotion jocks (those annoying guys who sell lotion from the carts in the middle of the mall — the creepy, “hey, can I ask you something?” guys), and I couldn’t be happier.

Vince says:

As I mentioned in previous posts, I went to the opening night performance of RSA’s Epic Proportions.

Mike Oz says:

I saw “I Love You, Man” — it was pretty funny. I was amazed, however, that parents brought some 8 and 9 year olds up in there.

Heather says:

I’m amazed that you continue to be amazed by this. Many parents are not at all qualified to breed.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen children accompanying their parents to various bars in the Tower District. Well past 10 p.m. Once was on a school night.

If you’re bringing a sippy cup to the bar and it’s not filled with whiskey, that’s a problem.

Perfume people don’t come after me either. What does that mean?!

I, for one, had a splendid weekend getaway in Three Rivers. Roaring river, amazing views, no cell phone service: Perfect.

MsJoey says:

Heather: I may possibly fall into that category of “parents taking kids where they shouldnt be.”
I tend to drag my kid along to art shows, concerts and independant movies that some parents may deem inappropriate for a 13 year old.
I, however, am of the belief that a parent should not stick their head in the sand when raising an adolescent.
If you dont think your kid is learning it in school, you are sadly mistaken. Therefore, I indulge her in things that are tastefully educational to counter balance the crude education she’s recieving from other teens. Sometimes that means a bystander may not understand.
So far, the kid’s doin alright!

wet towel says:


-built some fencing.
-built some bikes.
-crawled around and photographed a 65 year old bomber that’s been hangin’ around FAT for the
past 48 hours,

da usual.

Heather says:

Obviously there’s a difference between taking a 13-year old to an art show and taking a 6-year old to Starline on a Saturday night.

Donald Munro says:

@Heather and Bethany: If the perfume dispensers aren’t trying to nab you, then who ARE they trying to attract? Just teen-age girls? You’d think that career women like you two would be prime candidates for converting to a new perfume.

I’d love to sit in on one of those Macy’s perfume-card training sessions. “OK, now, we want you to totally ignore anyone over the age of 29. And if they have gray hair or (gasp) a Medicare card, run away screaming.”

But as my Mom points out: Often it’s the older ladies that have the bucks to shell out for outrageously priced scents.

Cristobal says:

No one was hurt, everyone had insurance, and we were civil to each other. It was by far the best car wreck I’ve been in.

On Saturday, I had a meeting out in Woodward Park with our new set designer and one of our costume designers. . . and of course the fabulous Mike Peterson who is directing for us this year.

On Sunday, I cleaned house and watch the pilot of The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency on HBO.

Heather says:

Well, Donald, in my case it probably has to do with the fact that, if I have to go to the mall, I usually go in old clothes with dirty hair, no makeup, and a scowl on my face. Doesn’t scream “career woman,” as you put it.

And if you look at the fragrance counter lately, it’s all Britney Spears and Paris Hilton crap. I don’t think I’m who they’re marketing to, no matter how put together I look.

blake says:

I mostly did ‘around the house’ stuff:
bbq’ing, dishwashing, lawnmowing…[and visiting
with a Bee photographer who was taking pictures of our street.]

I *did* see a pretty cool film via Netflix though:
called “The Last of the Mississippi Jukes” which I thought anyone interesting in local music scenes, or ‘authentic’ local scenes in general (and the struggles to build them/ maintain them) might be interested in it. I posted a bit about it on Famous:
if you wanna check it out.

wet towel says:

…now Heather,
I know I’ve run acrossed you at least two to three times at Target, (near where I’m workin’,) and you’ve always been quite decent appearing…

(okay, not smiling like you’re selling used cars, but certainly not like if somebody bumped into you they’d better have their shots up to date…)
In fact, you appear to be a pretty auburn haired woman who’s in her mid-late twenties who’s on her way to somewhere else, but quite decent and civilized…(in other words: typical Solo Target shopper.)

(why I’d never say ‘hi?’
–well, you appear to be a private person, and never had this sign hangin ’round your neck that has said
‘…people who know of me only from BeeHive and one chance hello at ClubFred (which means ‘people who I don’t know,’,
-say hello to me…’

I’d certainly not spray you with perfume or anything like that, you appear capable of a fairly decent right hook.

Seeing you in Fresno is sorta like seeing a famous person in NYC, you don’t stare, you don’t bother them, you just figure they’re going about their business and enjoy being a part of the herd, even if you wind up talking to them, it’s ‘nice to see ya, here ya go (whatever it is they were lookin for too,) -and you thank them for their work… that’s it…

But you certainly don’t present as some narsty slug as you’ve described…

Sometimes I need my whiskey in a sippy cup…or I need to get my license renewed…(sippy cup is cheaper than my outstanding tickets)

Parents: please leave your kids at home or with a sitter. I am not a “mandatory reporter” but I will wear the label “voluntary reporter” and call CPS on your A$$es…

Heather says:

I don’t know whether to find this comforting or terrifying.

I’ll just say thanks.

Donald Munro says:

@Heather: Just look on the bright side. You live in such a vast metropolis (don’t we have, like, six Targets?) that you can switch up your predictable shopping habits, thus confounding the silent paparazzi, and still get a great deal on toilet paper. Which, I know, I should roll from the TOP.

wet towel says:

…I guess that was a compliment actually…

but paparazzi?
uhmmm,…sure, if that’s what works for ya.

(Actually one of my worksites is right next to there, I see familiar faces all the time, (your’s has been merely one.)

Trust me,
it’s usually something like:
‘…hmm, need to trot over and get some permanent markers and a coffee,
(-huh- she’s cute…
it’s Heather…

now, -where are those markers? (and some trail mix??)

’bout as deep as it gets.

(not what most folks would consider: terrifying.)

MsJoey says:

Travis, is it okay if my daughter carries MY sippy cup full of Ketel One for me?