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Don’t believe everything that tweets your way. The Huffington Post is reporting that a number of prominent high-profile Twitter accounts were hacked today, most prominently the Fox News account, which declared on Monday morning that Bill O’Reilly is gay.

The post has since been removed.

Among the other victims:

  • CNN’s Rick Sanchez, a prominent Twitter user, was also hacked. His malicious tweet read, “i am high on crack right now might not be coming to work today.”
  • Britney Spears’s Twitter also fell victim, with hackers announcing that her vagina is “4 feet wide with razor sharp teeth.”

And the Washington Times reports that Barack Obama’s Twitter account got hacked, too.

You think the Beehive’s Twitter account is safe? All I know is that you should be extremely wary if you get a tweet proclaiming that Heather hates “Mad Men” and Jon Hamm.

Responses to "Tweedle-dum"

Heather says:

Donald Munro, you have earned my undying respect for printing the Britney Spears tweet in its entirety.

I think Twitter is lame, by the way. I know that’s not a popular position, but I stand by it.

adam says:

I think I’d be wary if I got a tweet from Heather at all.

LOL @ the britney spears hack

floydy says:


Heather says:

Oh, come on. The hacker couldn’t even be bothered to try and spell O’Reilly’s name correctly?


Jennifer says:

I think the feed is safe just ’cause I don’t go about giving out the username and password to random direct messages.

That’s not even a hack — that’s just people not paying attention.