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I’m sure there are many momentous things happening today: international intrigue, the birthdays of famous people, new folks appointed to Barack Obama’s cabinet, etc. But nothing can top today’s most important event:

“Mamma Mia! The Movie” comes out on DVD.

Now I can play the “Dancing Queen” scene 15 times in a row. I love the part where all the ladies in the film wind up on a pier shaking their booties in a display of wild abandon that can come only from being on a Greek island AND having ABBA pumped through your veins.

Yes, I know my fellow ‘Hivers might mock me because I really have no idea who Ice Cube is (and, what’s more, will in just a few minutes be giving away tickets to “The Nutcracker” and not to his show), but I cheerfully admit to “Mamma Mia” fever.

Sure, the movie itself had its flaws. (When I watched it again last night on DVD, I experienced the intense pleasure of fast-forwarding through Pierce Brosnan’s howlingly bad “SOS.”) But I don’t care. All I know is that watching “Dancing Queen” and “Super Trouper” puts a big, stupid grin on my face every time.

Any other “Mamma Mia” fans out there rejoicing with me in the new DVD?

Responses to "ABBA-licious"

felicia matlosz says:

Ugh, thanks for reminding me how AWFUL Pierce Brosnan is in this movie. For the benefit of others, can you tell them which numbered sections to skip through on the DVD so that they they aren’t exposed to this travesty?

will says:

just one question: please tell me the sing-along is included on the dvd!

Donald Munro says:

I will gladly do so, Felicia. Of course, that means I’ll have to go home tonight and watch “Dancing Queen” again while I note the numbers down.

BTW, I also watched the “bonus material” on the DVD. There’s a whole section on Pierce Brosnan. He says that he sort of liked this “musical thing” and regrets it took him so long in his career to discover it. Who knows, he muses, maybe he’ll try another one! At that point I imagined Felicia screeching into the room and tackling him.

Donald Munro says:

To Will: Absolutely. It’s set up for a whole karaoke experience. I think we should have a special Beehive sing-along party. Maybe that should be our next quarterly event! (Or maybe not.)

Heather says:

@Donald Munro: No. And might I add, hell no.

Ray Arthur says:


Maybe your British! I found the following on (HMac will explain) so it must be true…

The Brits love them some musicals! And so do we!

The film adaptation of Mamma Mia! has become the biggest hit EVER at the British box office.

The musical has made over $95 million just at the UK box office alone since its release on July 18th.

That’s more than any of the Harry Potter movies or even Titanic brought in.


As for worldwide, the movie has made over $571 million.

David Kosse, the president of Universal Pictures International, said “Mamma Mia! is pure escapism, proving a fun and inexpensive way to forget about the state of the economy for a couple of hours.”

Who are you kidding?

People just love musicals!

Kosse added, “For Mamma Mia! to make history in this way and beat Titanic, which has held the record in the UK since 1998, is truly phenomenal. This film has exceeded our expectations and delighted audiences around the world since it opened in July.�


Personally, I’ll take a pass. After playing them on the radio for 33 years I can’t imagine voluntarily listening to an Abba song EVER! Okay, maybe Waterloo, one more time.

Jeremy Hitch says:

Yes, I am excited that Mamma Mia came out today. Though, not as excited as I’ll be when Were the World Mine comes out, or Rent’s last night on broadway comes out in February. But I am looking forward to being able to fast-forward to (and replay…over and over…) The best parts of the movie. When I saw the film in theaters me and my friend were the only two in the entire theater. So of course we took advantage of this and dance and sang up and down the stairs the whole time. If you get the opportunity I highly recommend it. :P

Heather says:

Ray Arthur reads Perez Hilton? I don’t know how to deal with this information.

The mother-in-law is asking for this for Christmas. I still haven’t seen it, but I really want to.

Donald Munro says:

To Jeremy: That is my most favorite “Mamma Mia” movie story I’ve heard. I can just see you and your friend racing up and down the stairs in the movie while singing “Dancing Queen.”

Jeremy Hitch says:

yeah, that’s about right. haha. You pretty much described the exact way it happened. Us being nerds we also made sure to do harmonies with all of the songs, and interesting counter melodies. And sing as loud as we could when Pierce was singing so we couldn’t hear him. And of course “The Winner Takes It All” sung in a Romeo and Juliet type scene… Standing at the top left corner where the three seaters are, with me down at the entrance looking up. Funniest thing is that me and this same friend went and saw HSM3 and were the only one’s in the theater again. Wonderful coincidence, though we didn’t know the songs at all, go figure. So we could just dance. Haha. I highly recommend going to a late night musical at Edwards.

DAVE says: