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Bieber Fever Watch, Day 1


Leading up to Justin Bieber’s sold-out Fresno appearance on Friday, we’re keeping an eye on all things Bieber. Join us in marveling at the insanity of it all.

Gasp! Justin Bieber upchucked on stage at his tour-opening concert in Arizona over the weekend. You might have heard. The video has been making the rounds.

You could almost hear the shrieks here in Fresno, as teeny boppers who have been tightly clutching concert tickets for months started to worry that their tiny heart throb might not be OK.

Fear not, Fresno, we’ve tracked down one of the most authoritative sources out there next to Justin himself, his mom, his doctor and Usher. I’m talking about Carly Rae Jepsen. Yes, the “Call Me Maybe” girl. She’s also Bieber’s opening act. We chatted yesterday and she told me:

He’s just fine. I don’t totally know if it was just an upset tummy or what, but what a pro to turn it around as quick as he did. I was really impressed by that. I don’t know that I would be able to do the same. But he was right back up there two seconds later. What a professional.

JB’S DEEP THOUGHTS: “#BELIEVE in your dreams. Believe in yourself. gnite,” — via Twitter.

WHAT THE PEOPLE ARE SAYING: Our fave Bieber/Fresno moments via Twitter.

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TODAY’S BIEBER FEVER FORECAST FOR FRESNO: Tepid. Symptoms of BiebFev have only been spotted in the most hardcore of Bielebers. Fresno is getting more of a fever from the unseasonably warm weather today. Drink your milk, kids.

Responses to "Bieber Fever Watch, Day 1"

e. field says:

Black Keys: Monday
Justin Bieber: Friday

…well played, Mayans… well played.

Kevin says:

maybe if our Canadian stopped smoking pole he wouldnt get sick. Spit once in awhile stop the puke we need you in tip top shape for these monumental annual world tours you’re about to embark on.


By the way, one of my friends with a teenager said his daughter has recovered from Bieber Fever. Now she has the One Direction Infection.