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Fresno, you ready for The Black Keys?


Well, Black Keys fans, the day is here. Tonight, the band rumbles into Save Mart Center with Tegan and Sara in tow. Showtime is 8 p.m. Tickets are still available.

I had the chance to speak to Dan Auerbach recently about the Fresno show and the band’s rise to a pair of arena-level rockers. Our interview was in Friday’s issue of The Fresno Bee, but here’s one part that I thought was important to share.

“We’re not like KISS. We’re not spitting out blood and wearing costumes. But we do fill these rooms.”

With 10 years of touring under their belt — from dive bars to major festivals along the way — Auerbach does say it’s a bit sweeter having taken the long road.

“We appreciate it,” he says. “We’ve played little club shows that were terrible and little club shows that were amazing. We’ve played arena shows that were terrible and arena shows that were amazing. It all depends on the audience and the energy they want to give you. It doesn’t matter what size room we’re in. Every time we’re play, that’s what we’re hoping for.”

Translation: Bring your A-game, Fresno concertgoers.

To get you guys in the mood for the show tonight, I put together a playlist from your favorite-song selections from our giveaway last week. Listen below.

The Black Keys — Beehive playlist by Mike Osegueda on Grooveshark

Responses to "Fresno, you ready for The Black Keys?"

Terra M says:

So excited to see this show!

ahmward says:

I’ve been listening to El Camino all summer and can’t wait to see this show. I am one of your much older readers but I grew up on Rock and Roll listening to it in its early days in Los Angeles. I love their songs and can’t wait to see them live.