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Did They Just Say Fresno? Replacement refs edition

Where do you retreat when you’ve pissed off the entire football-loving country* and become the punchline of the NFL’s contact dispute with its referees?

If you’re replacement ref Lance Easley — who signaled the game-winning touchdown in Monday night’s controversial Packers-Seahawks game — you go drinking in Fresno. No joke.

This photo of Easley hanging out Tuesday night at North Fresno bar Club Habanos was unearthed and shared by CBS 47′s George Takata, and it quickly made the rounds, reaching as high as the Jim Rome Show.


In a story that published today, ABC30 found out even more — that Easley, who lives in Santa Maria and was here on business, also went to Daily Grill. He seemed to not shy away from taking pics with people.

But considering what the nation witnessed Monday night, there’s no telling whether Easley could actually see what was going on right in front of his face when these pictures were taken. He could have thought he was picking a song from the jukebox or wrestling a bear. Who knows.

*except for the people of Seattle

Responses to "Did They Just Say Fresno? Replacement refs edition"

Kevin says:

Life is better than fiction.

Dave says:

If ever a tar & feathering was needed, this was it.