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Spotted in Fresno: Early returns

Mitt Romney might get the Tea Party vote, but the coffee party vote is in danger, if the 7-Eleven at Palm and Bullard — and its 7-Election coffee cup promotion — is any indication. Anybody know how many Electoral College votes 7-Eleven has?


Spotted by @Albert_Tello on Twitter. If you see something odd, funny, amusing, weird or just plain interesting in Fresno, snap a pic and send it to me for “Spotted in Fresno” consideration.

Responses to "Spotted in Fresno: Early returns"

ed says:

typical lame stream media reporting. how dare you even call yourself a reporter? did you fact check this at all? is this “twitter” a reliable source? no wonder no one reads your beehive articles.

/sarcastic bee commenter

mdub420 says:

How were the Obama supporters able to afford coffee? Oh yeah I paid for it. no wonder the Romney cups are still there. redistribution at its finest.

adam says:

I can’t believe you just hang around 7-11 all day asking people if they support Obama and if so, you’d like to buy them a cup of coffee. So generous.

mdub420 says:

I’m not occupying 7-11 lol.

adam says:

Ah. So you’ve got one of those deals set up where you tell the cashier to keep tabs on all the Obama coffee cups purchased through the day and then you go back and settle up at the end of the shift. Very nice.

Michael says:

Hmmm….should I fill up my Asparteme laced diet soda w/ the Obama or the Romney cup?

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

Lets see pull out a bunch of cups and take a picture then put them back….Palm and Bullard…I doubt it…that is Republican area…and up the street from Republican Headquarters…FAKE PHOTO

Albert says:

The pic is 100% authentic. I just walked in, it caught my eye and I snapped the shot. Keep in mind, there is a Starbucks just up the street from the Republican headquarters in Fig Garden Village…

Anyway, it was just a snapshot observation. Given the disparity, it would have been funny regardless of which way the cups were stacked.