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Win tickets to see The Black Keys


UPDATE: Congrats to our winner — Cristina. Enjoy the concert!

ORIGINAL POST: We’re a week away from one of the most anticipated rock shows of the year. The Black Keys hit Save Mart Center on Oct. 1 and you wouldn’t want to be the “lonely boy” (or girl) left out, would ya?

Tickets are on sale now, costing $46.50. But one lucky Beehive reader is going to get a free pair for us. Here’s what you gotta do: Leave a comment below telling us your favorite Black Keys song and you’ll be entered to win.

Deadline to enter is 10 a.m. Thursday. A winner will be picked at random and notified via e-mail, so please use a valid e-mail address and please check it. You’re ineligible if you’ve won something from us in the past 30 days. Complete rules below.

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. One winner will be picked at random. Recipients will be notified by e-mail or phone at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "Win tickets to see The Black Keys"

Cristobal says:

For sure it’s gotta be “Never Gonna Give You Up” off their Brothers LP. Such a bittersweet song!

amanda says:

Tighten up!

Tony says:

Lonely Boy. Story of my life

Natalie Garcia says:

See You Free

HarmsWayChad says:

My favorite song is – Everlasting Light

Rebecca Boyd says:

I wanna get their gold on the ceiling and give these two adorkable hiptsters some love. <3

Lisa Maria Boyles says:

“Howling for You”

Vince Navarro says:

Have Love, Will Travel

Deshad Cato says:

The Girl Is On My Mind.

Javier Flores says:

Unknown Brother

Its a Tie between Strange times and Same Old Thing. Many more got to love some jazz flute.

Childers says:

Wow…so hard to choose…but I’ll go with “I Got Mine” based solely on the fact that it launched them and got them the respect and following that they had long deserved!

Dan says:

Set you free ! best song.

Girls is on My Mind, love that song

Jen Michalk says:

Next Girl!! :)

Genevieve Einwalter says:

Oceans & Streams

monica says:

Lonely boy the video is hilarious

sara says:

Psychotic Girl

Noe Mejia says:

The Flame! Fantastic song!

MsJoey says:

Next Girl!
But mostly I want to take my girl to see Tegan and Sara.

Andrew says:

Tighten Up!

Allwino says:

Tighten Up, for sure! Damn good band!

laura says:

Little Black Submarines

Lv says:

Ten Cent Pistol

Tim Avila says:

“Set you free”.

DeAnna says:

Next Girl

Joel says:

Psychotic Girl off of Attack and Release is still my fave Black Keys songs. Reminds me of the summer I put it on every mix cd I’d make.

Hannah says:

Everylasting Light.
Now please pick me. I’ll love you forever.

Joey medina says:

Goodbye Babylon. Great rockin blues track!!

Fresno Brewing Co says:

Remember When (Side B)

Bobby Velasquez says:

Never gonna give you up…… makes me think of that one. lol

JoeyThaDino says:

Has gotta be the VERY FIRST song I heard of them. Tighten Up. Still to this day I whistle that catchy tune. Couldn’t get it out of my head for weeks.

Erika says:

Everlasting light

Jankynola says:

The Lengths is by far my fave. Love it/them!!

Sherry Ochs says:

Next Girl

Cristina says:

Tighten Up!

Jessica says:

Black Keys…yee!

Michelle Hanamaikai says:

Tighten Up :)

Jessica says:


Diana Moreno says:

Tighten up

Bert Aguilar says:

10 A.M. Automatic!!!!

Ronnie Taylor says:

“the only one”!

Joyce Clemons says:

Gold on the Ceiling :)

Jane says:

Lonely Boy-Love this song!!

Carrie says:

Everlasting Light

Whitney says:

Chop and Change

Genise McCormick says:

Pick me! Pick me! I had a dream i went to this concert, so make my dreams come true! :D

Omotola says:

Everlasting Light! always

Cynthia Toledo says:

Your Touch from their Magic Potion Album,2006!

matthew medina says:

“these days”…it will always be “these days”

Lori says:

My favorite song, and the one I realllly hope they’ll play, is “Act Nice and Gentle”… Such a sweet song!

Elizabeth S says:

Hey there. I’m entering to win tickets….I want to win.
After a long contemplation of what my favorite song would be…
I’ve decided “I Got Mine” would be a fitting choice. I hope to see an email from you guys.

Michelle vasquez says:

Tighten up! <3 <3<3

Kevin says:

I like the song “All of our sh!t sounds the same” and “We were way better when we were known as the twosome known as White Stripes” how about “How is it that we can’t sell out the lower bowl of SMC but Motley Crue and Poison were able to put a dent into the upper bowl”.

Simple minds like simple bands. Who declared these nerds the so great? Oh nevermind, I know. Why is there a pit? So everyone gets to lightly jump around as if they still had their latte in their hands from an hour before the concert? Everyone responding here is a GIRL do we really need a pit at a GIRL concert where the lower bowl isn’t even sold out yet? I never realized until now what a girl band this was, I had the audible evidence but lord spare me this visual evidence. No wonder they effing s.u.c.k. Seriously Tighten Up and Next Girl I just listened to. It’s the same boring chit.

I just dont get this Big Bang Theory hipster nerd sh!t. Motley Crue and Poison put more butts in more seats at more expensive prices and their sh!t has been done for 20 years. And that’s closer to real rock than this glorified santized coffee shop girl rock horseshit. Dave Matthews band meets a less creative White Stripes: Black Keys. The god damn name is almost the same too. And none of you would know of these blowhards from Ohio if Tighten Up didnt win a Grammy. It only took them 10 years to win a grammy thus mainstream recognition thus the girl riot we have here. God, they’re right Music these days blows.

Karen says:

I Got Mine. LOVE the Black Keys!!

Jasmine says:

My favorite is the one where I really really want to see Tegan and Sara. Tighten up is a close second. says:

was listening to Gold on the Ceiling as I saw the contest post. So I’m goin with that…I’m good as gold!

Rick Perales says:

ten cent pistol! awesome song!

Kevin says:

You know youre medicore and overrated when a good fraction of the lady posters here don’t even want to see you for free, they want to here some elfish sounding outfit called Tegaen and Sara. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Can’t say I’ve heard them. I’m sure theyre the next Ryan Beatty yeah? Kudos for the mods letting my first post through. I was venting and didn’t honestly expect it to go through. 2 birds, one stone, word to the mods.

Sean says:

Next Girl

How about favorite four? “I Got Mine”, “Your Touch”, “Little Black Submarines” and “Lonely Boy”

Eric Santos says:

Little Black Submarines – When I play it when I work out, I wait 2 minute and 5 seconds every time until the guitar riff starts before I lift whatever I am doing.

Lisa McHarry says:

Everlasting Light

Mike Oz says:

For what it’s worth — the Motley Crue/Poison show at Save Mart Center drew 6,073.

I’ll be interested to see if Black Keys top that.

tiffani says:

lonely boy!
i love the dudes dancing skills.. we need to go clubing together! asap!!!

Erik Freeman says:

Gold on the Ceiling

Kristy says:

Tighten up!

Rolando says:

Thickfreakness. Haters be damned! Two guys, pure rock! Love the fact that this great band is playing at my school

Stacy Pederson says:

Sinister Kid —– of course! The Devil won’t let me be…

Kevin says:

Well Mike they’ve probably already sold 4000 more tickets than any borderline avante-garde act I thought I’d ever see sell at SMC.

Tina says:

Lonely Boy!

Jones! says:

Next Girl

Kristie says:

“Next Girl”is my favorite

Jesiqua says:

Its hard 59 pick just ine but I pick…..
‘I got mine’

Jesse Rodriguez says:

Sinister Boy! Goodbye Babylon!

Pamela says:


alex says:

Set You Free!!! Yeah, that’s the one!

alex says:

Set You Free!!! Yeah, that’s the one!

k.pizzle says:

One of these dudes did a song w/ chip the ripper, GLC and Freddie Gibbs. Yeah that ones cool.

Miggy G says:

“Howling For You” – this was the first song I ever heard by the Black Keys and I instantly fell in love with the group. This song still remains my favorite of theirs.

Bella says:

Tighten up

Adrian Wood says:

“Strange Times”

Michelle L says:

Psychotic Girl

Stephen Abbas says:

Awesome band, “Lonely Boy” is is a really good awesome song.

Antoinum Sandhu says:

My Favorite song gots to be ” Gold on the ceiling ”

Shane Narsty Ericksen says:

There are lots of great ones, but I have to say… Little Black Submarines is my jam

Sergio says:

“Ain’t Nothing Like You,” from the Blakroc Album!
The Black Keys! Mos Def! Jim Jones! What more do you want!

Jamie says:

I would have to pick Tighten Up as my favorite Black Keys song!

Andie says:

Thickfreakness. <3

Adrienne Morelos says:

Lonely Boy, love it!

Kevin says:

I wish I could have such simple tastes. 100 posts for a concert where you stand and watch 1 Ohioan bang on a drum and another Ohioan on guitar perform. Simultaneously I might add. That takes practice. Whew.

Those two want 46 bucks and you guys cant pony that up?

Do they put on a laser light show like Rush or Tool? That might make it sorta neat….. Forty six f;ing bucks… for glorified coffee shop folk music. Do they have black beach balls that drop out of the sky like Metallica????? 2 dudes. 46 bucks. For diluted White Stripes?

Im going to go turn on my sports car in my garage with the door down now. Thanks for everything Mike and goodbye.

monica says:

Little black submarine…great song! says:

Set You Free

Kevin says:

Yeah my favorite Black Keys song is when they do their cover of Metallica’s version of Holocaust’s “The Small Hours” off Garage Days Inc. Can we hear some old school Deftones covers? Do they cover Around The Fur or 7 words? They HAVE to do “Change”? I mean my god they have so much to work with up there. Do they even have enough backup guitars backstage to perform these opuses cough cough on a whim? Perspective: Mary Had a Little Lamb would be an opus with this fearsome grusome hipster twosome.

Ok ok i’ll keep it real. Lets hear the final 4 songs off Dark Side of the Moon. From “Us and Them” to Eclipse. Dude, forget my bra (whoops did i say that out loud)…. I’ll throw them another 46 bucks onstage directly if they can pull off half of Us and Them. Don;t be critical of me, I’m not demanding The Wall.

I’ll write those in here Mike for my 2012 vote, and if I win the tix I’ll leave on my suicide note right now that I wish to donate to one of the financially short but otherwise decent ladies here. I’m not that big of a scumbag. The note will be on the passenger dash. Give it to Mz Joey Thaxter. Shes a teacher. And she’d rather see the opening act anyways. Which is funny. But I do know of her. So give them to MzJoey. Goodbye again thanks for everything Beehive thanks Steven for the drawings, but I must go. Next thing you know, oodles of 21 year old girls and 50 year old guys will be trying to outwit each other for a Katy Perry concert here. I won’t be able to stand the mere announcement of that date. Goodbye cruel world.

Brianna B. says:

These Days

Bryan says:

“I’ll be Your Man” from the opening credits of the H.B.O. show Hung. It was the first song i heard by them and have since become quite a fan of their music. I would love to seem ‘em live for free!

Hilda says:

Tighten Up…..Keeping my fingers crossed!

Maria P says:

“Never Gonna Give You Up” from Brothers.

Charlie says: your man!

Make my birthday worth it mike! My.girl wants tosee tegan and sara

Kevin says:

Sucking on my exhaust only put me to sleep but I see these answers should suffice in my plight.
Nearly 20 votes for Next Girl and Tighten Up. Shocking the song that won their Grammy has a whopping eleven votes. You mean you people aren’t into the albums? Not to be rude but Im shocked!!!
Songs with the word boy or girl in it and you reach well over 1/3rd of the votes for same song titles for the same sounding songs. Admittedly I havent heard the song about the boy. But It does not sound promising to me personally. Good luck to you all, those two Ohioans are milking their 15 minutes. I wager my entire will and testament -after I kill myself shortly- that they will never return to Fresno. This is why 2 a–holes want 46 f’ing dollars for basically a bunch of nobodies. I repspect whoever likes them, but you have to admit: Theyre nobodies. They know it and theyre fleecing you because of it. It is a FLUKE that these guys are now mainstream. I guess. Shows what music’s become. Metallica will be back for their 6th Fresno concert right around the time this fad burns out and they break up.

Rachel says:

Sinister Kid

Kirsten Camara says:

“Work Me.” … Please… Ooh la la

marco says:

Just Got to Be, Magic Potion Album

Mike Schmitz says:

Little Black Submarine!

Jacqueline Crew says:

“Everlasting Light” “Sinister Kid”

Kyle says:

“Never Gonna Give you Up” has always been eerily calming to me.

Danielle says:

Mind Eraser

Kathleen A says:

“Everlasting Light”

Sarah says:

Next Girl!

Danielle says:

I love Lonely Boy!! Saw the video and I was hooked!

Mike B says:

Little Black Submarines

Matt says:

Not an easy choice, but I think my favorite is “Your Touch”.

Paula Moore says:

I so want to go!!

Ms Few says:

Howlin’ For You

smalo says:

Tighten Up! is tight

Maria W says:

Love “Tighten Up.” Video is too cute.

Gwen says:

TIGHTEN UP…but so many favorites!

Eileen says:

She’s Long Gone!

Anthony Molina says:

I like lonely boy. For many reasons but mostly because on the way to work this morning my two year old son sang along to it with me. His rendition is pretty bad ass.

Justin says:

Heavy Soul is mine.

Patricia Lucchesi says:

Everlasing Love Hope I win!

Ron Lucchesi says:

Lonely Boy Need them for my kids!

Katharine Dorian says:

Gold on the Ceiling

TamaraG says:

“Howlin’ For You”!

cyn says:

the only one :)
and the song they never play live, hopefully they do this time!

Brian Hughes says:

Little Black Submarines!!

David Gastelo says:

The whole Brothers lp was the best. But Too Afraid To Love You is my favorite. Followed by remaking Never Gunna Give You Up.

Audrey Ward says:

Gold on the Ceiling, I keep looking but still can’t find it.

Louis says:

Breaks. That’s what’s up.

Victoria Hughes says:

Little Black Submarines

Ray Duran says:

Gold On The Ceiling!!!!!!!!

Jason says:

Lonely boy

Sherry Ochs says:

Set you Free!!!

Ruby Berry says:

Favorite song is: Little Black Submarines

I would love to take my husband to this concert, he LOVES The Black Keys. Great band!

gina sandoval says:

Everlasting light

Brandon Sandoval says:

all of them! or lonely boy!

Kaila Igasan says:

Set You Free :)

malakai Rola says:

my favorite song is tighten up

Marcus Martinez says:

Tighten Up – Oh god, please let me win!

Luis Solis says:

Hurt like mine

Derek Durham says:

Everlasting light

Ryan Melero says:

My favorite song by the black keys is Howlin’ for you. That song reminds me going to the grizzlies games. They played this song often.

Andrew Gray says:

I Got Mine. They’re all good but this one is real good.

Christina says:

I like “Tighten Up” because of the funny dinosaur video.

Also, Kevin is cracking me up! Freaking hilarious. I’m a girl though, so I don’t feel weird about wanting tickets to a nerdy girl band. lol.

Jared says:

“strange times”

Leticia Caldera says:

My favorite is Too Afraid To Love You…its a awesome melody :)

JOhn says:

Lonely Boy

Janet says:

Little Black Submarine…it’s great song!

Abe Lopez says:


Megan says:

The original set of tix I bought were stolen from me :/ Would love to still be able to go!!!!

Silverlinin says:

I hope I win…Howlin’ for you

Todd says:

Lonely Boy

Jen says:

Lonely Boy

Gabe says:

everlasting light!

Brianna says:

Next Girl

Jamie says:

Thick Freakness

Jennifer gonzalez says:

Tighten up

Bella says:

Gold on the ceiling

Stacy says:

She’s Long gone

Kristin M. says:

Next Girl!

Abril Anchondo says:

Have Mercy on me. Love it!

Jared says:

Lonely Boy is my favorite Black Keys song.

Adrian Oceguera says:

Tighten Up! My band covers it and just the complexity of the parts that fit perfectly together rocks!

Fae says:

I really dig Howlin For You. It’s got a sweet vibe to it.
But I’d be so excited to see Tegan and Sara <3.

Amanda Hinojosa says:

FAAAAAVORITE Black Keys song is “Howlin’ for you”.

Danny Ruelas says:

I think since Mike Oz, no longer has time to play words with friends with me I should win!

Monica says:

Stack shot billy

erica says:

Tighten up

Danny Ruelas says:

I got mine!

lindsay quillen says:

Things ain’t like they used to be! <3

Chelsea Eileen Cogburn says:

Just found out about this and so thankful the cut off is @ 5PM!!! this would be the PERFECT “graduation gift” for me! crossing fingers :]

Jennifer Riggs says:

The song I like from The Black Keys is “Howlin’ For You” :)

Miah says:

“I Got Mine” I found this song on a Jimi Hendrix “Stone Free” tribute album about 2 years ago. Love me some Black Keys!!!

leftybrown says:

I’m a big fan of their Brothers album. Favorite song of that is Tighten Up.

Jeffrey Sherman says:

Next Girl. An ode to my divorce…

ttaannkk says:

I’m not the one

“Drink the poison lightly
Cuz’ there are deeper and darker things than you
I know, cuz’ I’ve been there too
I know it might seem frightening
To have the world fall apart right under your shoes
Trust me, you’ll make it through”

Ernesto Sanchez says:

Tighten Up is my favorite song.

BrandenG says:

Dead and Gone and Lonely Boy.


Char Char says:

Howlin’ for you – hands down.

Gabby T says:

Ten Cent Pistol… love love this band!

zack says:

Set You Free-This is the first song that I heard of theirs and fell in love. Great band! Even as a two piece.

Lita Webber says:

I have never seen this band, I heard they are good and would love to go see them!!!!